McFadden issues message to disgruntled fantasy owners

September 20, 2012, 1:42 am
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ALAMEDA -- Through two games last season, in the Raiders' power-blocking scheme, Darren McFadden had racked up 222 rushing yards, averaging 5.3 yards per carry.Through two games this year, in the Raiders' newreintroduced zone-blocking scheme, McFadden has rushed for a total of 54 yards, an average of 2.1 yards per carry.Frustrated much?"Its a game," McFadden said Wednesday, "you cant get frustrated. If you get frustrated, you only get down on yourself, so you have to just go out there, and keep grinding, keep pushing forward."It was painfully obvious throughout the Raiders' 35-13 loss at Miami on Sunday in which he had only 22 yards on 11 carries, that McFadden was not comfortable, though he said after the game he was fine in the scheme. And really, what would you expect him to say?"Darren doesnt get frustrated," said quarterback Carson Palmer. "Darren is such a glass-is-half-full, upbeat guy, just a happy, happy guy. Hes generally just bouncing around with a smile on his face, whether he had 50 yards or 180 yards in a game. Youre going to get the same guy. Hes going to continue to work."He had a great practice today. He looked really good. He was definitely under the weather last week with some issues, but hes feeling better, hes recovered. Im excited to give him the ball this week and see what he does."McFadden has not done much in two previous meetings against Pittsburgh, going for a combined 39 yards on 19 carries.So why should anyone expect his output to change this weekend?"I just feel like going with the zone system is one of those situations where youre going to have to keep hitting it until you get going," he said. "Its going to be one yard here or two yards there, but eventually its going to start popping."And when it does, his trademark big run is around the corner, right?"Yeah, Im looking forward to it," he said. "I always like getting the weight off your shoulder once you get that big run out."Still, he has to know that his decrease in productivity has many fantasy owners ringing their hands. Not that he's losing much, if any, sleep over it."I dont too much care for fantasy football," McFadden said. "I play real football."