Myers playing Mr. Dependable in Raiders' passing game

September 27, 2012, 10:39 pm
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ALAMEDA -- Pssst. Wanna know a secret about Brandon Myers?"Hes probably got the best hands on the team," said Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer.Yes, in this season of offensive transition, Myers has become Mr. Dependable as the tight end has caught all 15 passes thrown his way."I don't pay attention to that stuff," said Myers, whose career high for catches in a season is 16, set last year.Still, Myers has already set a new single-season standard with 206 yards and is enjoying being a more tangible part of the offense."Its nice," he said. "Im just trying to do whatever the coach asks. If it comes to the tight end, it comes to us. If not, were blocking or something else."Myers, though, had a clutch 15-yard catch on 3rd and 10 during their game-winning drive last week. He paid for it with a concussion suffered at the helmet of Steelers safety Ryan Mundy."Thats just a play where youve got Brandon matched up in a favorable matchup against a linebacker, and he does such a good job," Palmer said. "Hes a lot faster than he looks and he kind of catches guys off guard, and quicker than he looks too. And before you know it he gets by you, just like he did on that play."He was getting grabbed and held and he fought through it and made a phenomenal catch, and he got blown up at the end of it too. Just a great play by him."Still Myers is confident he will pass the concussion protocol to play Sunday at Denver and continue his chemistry with Palmer."Were developing it," Myers said. "Like I said, it takes time. He got here in the middle of the season last year, so its taken some time. Now with the tight ends that we have, hes finding us in the offense. Its not just me catching balls. Its other guys catching balls, too."But Myers is the only guy on the roster to catch every ball thrown his way."He makes diving catches, one-handed catches," Palmer said. "You dont ever see him drop anything, so his hands are very reliable. He really understands the game, he knows how to set up routes, he knows how to get open in zones. He knows how to set up man routes. Just really a solid, all-around player."And he can block too, which a lot of times you get a guy thats really good at one thing and struggles at the other. Brandons really balanced in the passing and running game."And in not dropping passes.