Palmer on no-huddle: 'It's a good change-up'

October 24, 2012, 10:13 pm
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ALAMEDA -- On four series in the second half Sunday the Raiders used the no-huddle offense.They scored on three of those series in the eventual 26-23 overtime defeat of Jacksonville.So why not make the no-huddle the rule rather than the exception, isn't it viable?RELATED: Who runs the Raiders' no-huddle?
"No" quarterback Carson Palmer said Wednesday. "If thats all youre going to come into the game with you completely limit yourself, from personnel groups, to formations, to protections, red-zone, third-down, backed-up. Its not feasible."Its a good change-up. Its a good change-of-pace thing for us. It gets us out of a rut every once in awhile and it also keeps a defense on their toes and keeps a defense preparing for it. But its not something that you can just run all the time."Still, it has to be "fun" for Palmer to run the no-huddle and call his own plays, no?Well"Im not always calling my own plays in no-huddle," Palmer insisted. "The fun factor is scoring points and scoring touchdowns. Whether its no-huddle, a two-minute situation, a huddle-up situation, a four-minute situation at the end of a game when you have a lead and you break a long run off it, it really doesnt matter. As long as were scoring points, thats when you have fun, when guys start doing celebrations and high-fiving and all those things.VIDEO: Paul & Kate -- More no-huddle? And what's wrong with McFadden?
"To me, it really doesnt matter. The way we approach the line of scrimmage, as long as long as were successful moving the chains and get in the end zone, thats whats fun."OK, then what about an adrenaline rush in running the no-huddle and calling your own plays?"No, because Im not always calling the plays," Palmer said. "A lot of times in no-huddle coach (Greg) Knapps calling the plays. The majority of the time. So I mean, it really doesnt matter to me. I dont care who calls the plays, I dont care how we get to the line of scrimmage as long as we score."Knapp gives Palmer certain play-calling options from which to choose during the no-huddle."We have a number of options," Palmer said. "Not a ton, but a handful of things we can get to that were comfortable getting to depending on our personnel group and what their personnel group is on defense."