Paul G's Instant Replay: Chargers 22, Raiders 14

September 11, 2012, 5:30 am
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OAKLAND -- Itwas a quick and emotional start, for both the Raiders' new offense and theRaiders' new defense. But with unimaginative playcalling, a relative lack ofplaymakers with Denarius Moore and Jacoby Ford still out, the result became aspredictable as the offense. The defense appeared much-improved from last yearand was serviceable. The offense, which was a strength last year and wasnonetheless overhauled? Not so much. McFadden is the Raiders offense: Darren McFadden caught ateam-record 13 passes, for 86 yards. He also carried the ball 15 times for 32yards. But the attack was too one-dimensional and the Chargers simply startedkeying on him as the outcome became apparent.You thought long-snapping was easy?: Jon Condo is a two-timePro Bowler and the Raiders never officially listed a backup to him. So when hewas knocked out of the game in the second quarter, you wondered who wouldhandle the duties. It fell to backup middle linebacker Travis Goethel, whosefirst snap was true for a Sebastian Janikowski field goal. But his second, on apunt, was a ground ball, and Shane Lechler was tackled for a big loss.Speaking about injured Raiders: Left cornerback Ron Bartellwas playing his first game since breaking his neck in the 2011 season openerfor the St. Louis Rams. And after giving up passes of 46 yards and 23 yards hewas again felled by injury. A shoulderelbow injury ended his night beforehalftime.A familiar look returns: The point of emphasis for TommyKelly throughout training camp was to keep the eager defensive tackle fromjumping offside. "I know what you're trying to do," Allen would tellKelly, time and again, "but watch the ball." Alas, Kelly twice jumpedoffsides -- and both times on third down -- to keep Chargers drives alive. Hewas pulled from the game shortly thereafter to think about it but returned. Moving with no reward: The Raiders had 204 yards of totaloffense in the first half, and did not score a touchdown. It was the most yardsthey had in a first half sans a TD since 1999, against Tennessee.Who stood out, in a positive way?: McFadden, obviously. AndDerek Hagan caught a few nice passes. Defensively, the D-line dominated theChargers' offensive lineearly. Miles Burris also flashed at WLB.Who stood out, in a negative way?: Kelly had two costlypenalties and Rod Streater seemed to shrink in the spotlight, losing a fumbleand not coming up with several passes he caught in camp and in exhibitiongames. He did catch a two-yard touchdown with under a minute remaining,however. Goethel also struggled as long-snapper, obviously.

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