Raider Nation Tweeps speak out: No to Caldwell

January 19, 2012, 12:01 am
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It started as a simple question on Twitter, really.Any @Raiders fans like the "idea" of Jim Caldwellnot necessarily as head coach, but offensive coordinator?You know, the just-fired coach of the Indianapolis Colts who was, at one time, Peyton Manning's QB coach.The response was overwhelming. And overwhelmingly in the, ahem, negatory. As in, no way.
@RaiderMac wrote: I firmly believe that Peyton Manning was more of a coach on that team than Caldwell. hellno@leo7221978 wrote: Only if he brings a healthy Peyton Manning with him.@montrealraider wrote: I don't like the idea of him as a ball boy. Worse clock manager than hue.@edwardjohnCA wondered: what's Rob Lowe's take?And on it went.And I see my Tweeps' point. Because while new general manager Reggie McKenzie said the staff will be entirely up to the new coach, said new coach should make every effort to retain Al Saunders. If for nothing else than continuity's sake.We already knew the Raiders were going to have to rebuild the defense. Now, with Hue Jackson and his playcalling gone, at least retaining Saunders would offer that almighty continuity that often dies with coaching changes.Of course, Saunders would have to want to return, right?