Of the Raiders and explosive plays

Of the Raiders and explosive plays
October 12, 2012, 12:57 am
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ALAMEDA -- The Raiders define an "explosive play" as one that gains at least 16 yards through the air or 12 yards on a run."That's the way we look at it here," said rookie coach Dennis Allen.Of course, the goal is to have as many explosive plays as possible on offense while limiting opponents on defense to give you the best opportunity to win. So, through four games, how have the 1-3 Raiders done in this regard as they head to 5-0 Atlanta this weekend after a bye?The Raiders have had 26 total "explosive plays" on offense, 23 on passes and three on runs. Interestingly enough, the two touchdowns that have come on explosive plays have been on runs, rather than passes. Mike Goodson took a screen pass 64 yards to the house at Miami and Darren McFadden broke off a 65-yard touchdown run against Pittsburgh.
On the other side of the ball, the Raiders have allowed 34 explosive plays, 25 on passes and nine on runs. The six touchdowns surrendered on explosive plays have been split, three on passes and three on runs."We have not given up that many explosive plays on those," said defensive coordinator Jason Tarver. "But what weve got to do a better job is, weve got to get more incompletions, weve got to challenge more, so that its second-and-10 instead of second-and-6."A breakdown, then, of the Raiders' explosive plays thus far this season, both on offense and defense:Explosive Plays -- passes of 16 yards or more, runs of 12 yards or moreAgainst San Diego, lost 22-14:
Raiders -- (5 total) 5 passes, 0 runs
Chargers -- (4 total) 4 passes, 0 runsAt Miami, lost 35-13:
Raiders -- (8 total) 8 passes (1 TD), 0 runs
Dolphins -- (10 total) 4 passes, 6 runs (3 TDs) Against Pittsburgh, won 34-31:
Raiders -- (7 total) 5 passes, 2 runs (1 TD)
Steelers -- (8 total) 8 passes (1 TD), 0 runsAt Denver, lost 37-6:
Raiders -- (6 total) 5 passes, 1 run
Broncos -- (12 total) 9 passes (2 TDs), 3 runsTotal explosive plays:
Raiders -- (26 total) 23 passes (1 TD), 3 runs (1 TD)
Opponents -- (34 total) 25 passes (3 TDs), 9 runs (3 TDs)