Raiders' Jackson, Davis have "total" communication

September 4, 2011, 12:50 am
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Paul Gutierrez
CSNCalifornia.comIn a far-from-illuminating nine-minute conference call Sunday with beat reporters -- the Raiders had yet to announce any of their 26 cuts and coach Hue Jackson would not take questions on the preliminary 53-man roster -- Jackson was asked about his communication with owner Al Davis.Meaning, what's the communication like between rookie coach and old-school owner?"It's total communication," Jackson insisted. "It's been great. Obviously, there's decisions that have to be made based on what the organization thinks is best, and I support that to the fullest. We get it done and we move forward."Jackson was then asked if there's been anything surprising in his relationship with the man he's called "Coach" Davis since the day he was hired."No, just that it's been totally opposite of what everyone thinks it is," Jackson said. "He is someone that I can communicate with, bounce things off of and talk to, talk through things with. As I said before, this is his team. I respect that. But, boy, do we really have some great conversations about where we need to go and what we need to do to get better."In going 0-4 in the preseason for only the second time in franchise history, Jackson joined Mike Shanahan's 1989 Los Angeles Raiders squad in accomplishing the dubious feat.And while many say little can be gleaned in the actual score andor results of exhibition games, the Raiders were outscored by a cumulative 101-44 (64-25 in the second half, when the reserves played) while scoring only three touchdowns and giving up a combined 1,693 yards of total offense.Obviously, Jackson is aware of purported communication issues between Davis and previous coaches. They seem to spring up with poor on-field showings."As I said before, I can't speak to what everybody else has been through," Jackson said. "I can only comment on what I deal with every day, on an everyday basis, and I feel very comfortable with where me and him is, and where we're headed."