Raiders weather storm of boos

October 24, 2011, 5:50 pm
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ALAMEDA -- The boos rained down early and often during the Raiders' 28-0 embarrassment at the hands, and feet, of the Kansas City Chiefs.Did the Raiders players notice? You better believe it. Did it affect them? You decide.
"No, I block all that out," said quarterback Kyle Boller. "I just go out and try to execute and go one pay at a time."

Boller's 22.3 rating Sunday was a career-low for a game in which he attempted at least 10 passes.

Running back Michael Bush, meanwhile, heard the jeers and understood. Especially after he failed to pun it in from the 1-yard line, and even as he finished with 99 yards rushing in place of the injured Darren McFadden.
"Can't say nothing about the (Raider) Nation," Bush said. "Liable to get them to come down on my head, so I aint gonna answer that."I mean, you know, this team is just different this year. As a fan, I mean, I guess if I was in the stands I would've booed too. But I'm pretty sure they know this is a different team. This aint the team we been two or three years ago, or even last year. So boos, we take it."