Refs review final play of Raiders' loss in Buffalo

September 18, 2011, 10:22 pm
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Paul Gutierrez
CSNCalifornia.comORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- For about 10 minutes after the final whistle blew on the Raiders' come-from-ahead 38-35 loss to the Buffalo Bills here at Ralph Wilson Stadium, referees and Oakland coaches milled about the artificial turf.The replay of the final play of the game -- Bills defensive back Da'Norris Searcy wrestling the last-second 56-yard Hail Mary away from Raiders receiver Denarius Moore for the game-sealing interception -- was being shown on the big screen and being reviewed. Even after the television broadcast had long cut away.Or was it? Because while the initial call was upheld, the review actually took place minutes before, making the dog and-pony show on the field a non-factor.So why did the officials come back out to seemingly review the play?

"I got a beep in the locker room, a buzz in the locker room, that said 'review,'" referee Mike Carey told a pool reporter. "Went back out, put the headset on. They weren't set up. But it was an erroneous transmission, and they had already confirmed the ruling on the field."Meaning, since every touchdown is reviewed, as well as close plays in the final two minutes, the original ruling on the field of an interception was upheld. And the beep that told Carey the play was going to be reviewed was "erroneous," since it had, in fact, already been reviewed."There was no need to review (the play again)," Carey said. "It was an erroneous transmission to my buzzer for review."The Raiders, though, were confused. Their understanding was that if there was simultaneous possession, the ball is awarded to the offense. Which would have meant, touchdown Raiders and ballgame Raiders."I was competing for the ball at the last minute," Moore said. "I thought I came down with (it), coach thought I came down with it, but the referees thought different."It was all a blur, but I think I got my fingertips on it first and came down with it and he just wrestled it, and his teammates helped him out to pull it away ... I actually saw his teammates come in, pushing me off, so it's one of those where the referees thought different, so there's nothing you can do about it."Chaz Schilens was right above the scrum."I saw D-Mo and what's-his-name come down with the ball, then, after about two seconds of them wrestling on the ground, I (heard) the referee say, 'Touchback,'" Schilens said. "I was like, 'What?' If you watch the tape, it took him awhile to call it. He didn't even know what to call, so obviously there's something more there than whatever they saw. I don't know what took so long to figure it out out there."The coaches, obviously, also had different angles and hopes."The official came in (our locker room) while we were high-fiving and congratulating each other," said Buffalo's Chan Gailey. "I've been through that once before in New England. I knew they had to look at it. Searcy said he had the ball the whole way and it wasn't an issue. You have to trust your players, but when (the ref) puts his head under the hood, you never know."Said Oakland's Hue Jackson: "You always believe that there's hope, but I kind of seen the play. I'm glad they looked at it at least. Denarius did have his hand on the ball, but it looked like the defender had control of it. Obviously, they came away with that one."