Routt tweets farewells to Raider Nation

March 5, 2012, 8:50 pm
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Former Oakland cornerback Stanford Routt, cut by the Raiders on Feb. 9 and signed by AFC West rival Kansas City 11 days later, bid adieu to his one-time fans on Twitter Monday. But he also offended a few in the process."I would like to thank RaiderNation for 7 unforgettable years of love support and faith," Routt Tweeted. "It was fun but more importantly it was real"Routt added: "I also want to send a special thanks to Al Davishe gave me my first job, was one of my biggest fans and kept his promiseRIPAllenDavis"So far so good, right? Well, what got Raiders fans in a lather was his follow-up greeting to Chiefs fans."What's up Kansas City?!?!?!?" Routt Tweeted. "ChiefsNation"Of course, Raiders fans took exception, what with the Raider Nation laying claim to being the only such nation in the NFL.