Sidelined Curry considers self a 'player-coach' for Raiders LBs

August 1, 2012, 11:37 pm
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NAPA -- Aaron Curry is making the most out of his being sidelined with a knee injury. In fact, the Raiders' starting weakside linebacker is calling himself a "player-coach" in the first week of training camp."Im the best coach on the field," Curry said Wednesday. "Guys can feel comfortable to come to me to ask questions, which requires me to do all my homework on the defense, especially at my position. I can coach everything about linebackers in this defense. So Im just taking pride right now. Im trying to out-coach coach (Jason) Tarver, Im trying to out-coach coach (Johnny) Holland on our position."Being a player, players will be more comfortable approaching another player with questions because they dont have to worry about being evaluated. Right now Im just taking pride in being the best coach out here on the field. I can still bring energy, I can still bring enthusiasm and I have the knowledge of the playbook at my position where I can spread the wisdom to anybody who has any questions. If I dont have the answer I go find it and bring it back to them."GUTIERREZ: Raiders camp summary (81) -- Pads come on
Sounds great, right?Even the guy getting reps in his place, rookie Miles Burris, said Curry has helped him."Hes great player but hes also a great teacher, too," Burris said of Curry. "Hes been helping me out a lot, even though Im the same position. Hes been giving me tips and encouragement and all that kind of stuff."Thing is, the Raiders acquired the high-energy Curry in a trade last season from Seattle to playnot to coach. And he does not have a target date in mind to practice. At least his knee injury did not require surgery, he said."It just happenedcame from the middle of nowhere in OTAs and stuff," Curry said of the injury, which was described as a soft tissue injury at the time. "I tried to play tough guy and fight through it, which might not have been the best idea. Im on the right track now, and Im enjoying being out here."Im able to run. Until it gets completely comfortable, theres no need in trying to force the issue. You just got to wait until it feels right. I dont want the Raiders to have a half-way Curry. I want them to have everything Ive got. I dont want them to have an 80-percent Curry. I want them to have everything I have so that I can give my teammates everything that Ive got."As a player, obviously, and not as a player-coach.