Stem-cell therapy helping Curry's recovery

August 5, 2012, 2:18 am
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NAPA -- There is no true timetable on the injured Aaron Curry making his training camp debut for the Raidersyet.But the weakside linebacker told on Saturday he has received stem-cell treatments on both both knees, with bone marrow from his hips, and that he is feeling much better."It's the only thing that's helping me recover," Curry said after practice Saturday. "Without it, I'd be a lost cause. For sure."I'm just able to do things that I wasn't able to quite do in OTAs and minicamps when I was trying to fight through what I thought was just regular soreness or tendinitis. But it's a great procedure. Simple, fast, and I'm just excited about being able to bounce back as quick as I am."Middle linebacker Rolando McClain said earlier this offseason he received stem-cell therapy on his knee and leg and it helped him recover from nagging injuries.A's pitcher Bartolo Colon has also undergone the revolutionary treatment in the recent past with success.Curry, though, said he could not remember when he had the procedure, but said it was the first time he had seen a doctor for a football-related injury."It's been all such a blur," he said, "but I'm fine. My body says I'm good, but I want them to have the Aaron Curry that was on film last year. The Raiders can't afford me to go out there at 50 percent, and I refuse to go out there and not be able to give my teammates everything I've got, because how do I look my teammates in the eye and say, 'I'm only giving you half of me because I'm being selfish and I want to be on the field?'"Saturday, Curry jogged on a side field and continued his self-described role as player-coach to the linebackers during drills.REWIND: Sidelined Curry a 'player-coach' for Raiders LBs
"I'm taking it day by day, listening to the body, giving the treatment itself time to work, not being stupid about rehab and doing what the trainers are asking me to do," Curry said. "Keeping my cardio up, keeping my football knowledge up, studying film, studying the playbook, writing the plays, over and over and over and over. Whenever my body decides it's ready to go, and they decide to call my number, I'll be ready to go."My goal is to get healthy and just go out there and be violent, be fast, be a pain in the offense's butt and whatever I have to do on the defense, do it. And do it full speed. I can't do that until my body says it's ready."