A's Suzuki feels for Giants' Posey behind the plate

May 26, 2011, 11:53 pm
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May 26, 2011GUTIERREZ ARCHIVEA's PAGE A's VIDEOPaul Gutierrez

ANAHEIM - A's catcher Kurt Suzuki has seen the replays of the vicious collision at home plate between Florida's Scott Cousins and Giants catcher Buster Posey Wednesday night.And while Posey's season is in doubt with a broken lower left leg and torn ligaments in the ankle, an empathetic Suzuki saw it as a clean play."I just thought it was a hard baseball play," Suzuki said following the A's 4-3 victory over the Los Angeles Angels. "If he could have slid and been safe? Yeah (that's what you want). But then again, it's part of the game. As a catcher you know that there's this guy coming in playing the game hard, playing the game the right way.URBAN: Frame-by-frame breakdown of the collision
"Tough play. Feel bad for him. He tried to stick in there as long as possible. Unfortunately he got put in kind of a vulnerable situation. It was kind of a twiner hop and he got hit and he got hurt. You never want to see anybody get hurt."From Posey's agent to Posey's manager to some in the media to fans, many are questioning why a catcher is left so unprotected on such plays. Some are even suggesting tweaking the rules.Not Suzuki."I think it's part of the game," Suzuki said. "That guy made a hard play. Posey, like I say, was in a vulnerable position. Tough hop. To me, as a catcher, you get ready to get hit."I'm sure Posey was getting ready to get hit. He just didn't fall the right way, I guess. You can't really control that part. You just get ready to get hit, you try to brace (for) the hit, and go from there."

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