Terrell Owens working with Raiders players

March 29, 2012, 10:05 pm
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Raiders receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey Tweeted out an interesting picture this week.In writing, "in LA getting it," Heyward-Bey posted a photo of what appeared to be a post-workout pic. Nothing unusual there, right? Not with Heyward-Bey flanked by Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer, tight end David Ausberry and fellow receiver Eddie McGee.But the fifth member of the photo is what got tongues wagging -- Terrell Owens.Might the 38-year-old T.O., who is still insisting he can play in the NFL despite last suiting up in the league for, ahem, Palmer and Cincinnati in 2010, be angling for a tryout with the Raiders?Well, the veterans minimum for a 10-plus-year vet for the 2012 season would be 925,000, so he could come relatively cheap. And the 49ers across the Bay are taking a similar risk with Randy Moss.I lobbed the question on my Thursday chat if anything should be made of T.O. purportedly working out with Raiders players, and the answers were pretty predictableThat even at his age To he still in better shape than all those guys. -- Ghost of M BushYes, that TO called CP, begged him for another publicity opportunity.. -- Emil the DaneT.O. was the cheerleader. You know how he could work those pom palms -- grayTO cannot play LB but he can play victim well -- richardinaboxTO was there to plant a seed in R mK like we he is at Laker games and tries to be incognito ..but ends up kiising himself during the Kiss Cam -- T O's AgentHe probably wouldn't be a bad possession receiver. The second he acts up show him the door. -- TheRoddyPSo I ask you -- should the Raiders at least kick the proverbial tires on T.O. (as I duck for cover)?

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