Tim Brown: 'They passed on me again'

February 4, 2012, 10:54 pm
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Former Raiders receiver and three-time Hall of Fame finalist Tim Brown did not make the cut from 15 finalists to 10 and thus, he waits at least another year, though it could be longer considering who did make the top 10.

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Tim Brown Raider nation!! Don't bother to watch tonight they passed on me again!! In fact, no wrs made it again. Gotta get some of y'all in there!!
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Fellow receivers Andre Reed and Cris Carter were among the final 10, which means they are ahead of Brown in the minds of the voters.

The other four finalists to not make the cut to 10 -- RB Jerome Bettis, former 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr., DE Kevin Greene and OF Will Shields.Those that went on for further consideration, along with Carter and Reed: C Dermontti Dawson, DELB Chris Doleman, LBDE Charles Haley, DT Cortez Kennedy, RB Curtis Martin, former coach Bill Parcells, OT Willie Roaf and CBS Aeneas Williams.The class of 2012 was CB Jack Butler (a senior nominee), Dawson, Doleman, Kennedy, Martin and Roaf, meaning no receivers made it this year.At the time of his retirement, Brown's 14,934 receiving yards ranked second in NFL history, his 1,094 receptions were third and his 100 touchdown catches were ted for third.While Brown's omission surprises many Oakland fans, there are several other Raiders snubs, among them -- Jim Plunkett, Tom Flores, Cliff Branch, Ray Guy, Lester Hayes and Ken Stabler.