What was the reason for Curry's cryptic Tweet?

August 11, 2012, 3:56 am
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NAPA -- A cryptic Tweet sent out by injured linebacker Aaron Curry on Thursday had a different meaning than what many interpreted."Big thanks to Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen," Curry wrote, and the obvious question was whether he was bidding adieu to the Raiders general manager and coach on his way out. But as a source told me at the time, "on way out to where, dinner?"Rather, Curry was on his way to Los Angeles to see a specialist regarding his sore knees, according to Allen following Friday's practice.Asked if he could add to Curry's Tweet, Allen shrugged."Nothing more than the fact that were letting him go down to see this specialist in L.A.," Allen said.Allen was also asked if Curry had hit a wall in his rehab."Just not getting to where we want him to be," Allen said. "Hell go down and well let him get basically a second opinion and see if we cant do something to get him better."Last weekend, Curry confirmed to CSNCalifornia.com that he had undergone stem-cell therapy on both knees, using bone marrow from his hips. He said he was getting better at the time."It's the only thing that's helping me recover," Curry said Saturday. "Without it, I'd be a lost cause. For sure.""I'm just able to do things that I wasn't able to quite do in OTAs and minicamps when I was trying to fight through what I thought was just regular soreness or tendinitis. But it's a great procedure. Simple, fast, and I'm just excited about being able to bounce back as quick as I am."Instead, rookie Miles Burris has been taking Curry's reps at first-team weakside linebacker.