Young Bosworth knows Bo Jackson's exploits on his family

August 21, 2012, 11:06 pm
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NAPA -- Yes, Korey Bosworth knew the question was coming. And the Raiders linebacker was ready for it.In fact, the recent signee had a heads up from his uncle."Yeah, he actually called me and he told me that someone might eventually start asking about that," Bosworth said with a laugh. "He said, 'Just be nice when that question finally comes up.'"The question in, ahem, question? Actually, it was more a play in question. One of the more memorable in Raiders franchise history.Monday Night Football. Nov. 30, 1987. The Seattle Kingdome.Bo Jackson had already rumbled 91 yards for a breathtaking score and into the tunnel in the second quarter, so as the then-Los Angeles Raiders lined up deep in Seahawks territory late in the third quarter, Jackson took the handoff from Marc Wilson and went to the left. Two yards, and Brian Bosworth, were all that separated Jackson from another touchdown.No matter. Jackson barreled into Bosworth and barely broke stride on his two-yard TD. And while the story has grown over the two-plus decades that Jackson flattened him -- really, it was not that dramatic -- it remains huge in Raiders lore."We kind of go back and forth about me playing, being out here in Oakland and that happening back in the '80s," the younger Bosworth said. "So he just said, 'As long as that doesn't happen again, we're good.'"Bosworth laughed again.After all, he was all of one year and nine days old when his uncle took on Jackson, who would finish with a then-record 221 yards rushing on 18 carries, at the height of his powers at the goal line. He's grown up hearing all about it, though."Yeah, I did," he said. "I'm kind of biased towards it. If I had to (describe the play) now, I'd say it was a good play by Bo Jackson."After all, he's now a Raider, right?"But being family and everything," Bosworth said with a twinkle in his eye, "it was just a bad angle, you know?"Um, Bo knows. As does the elder Bosworth.