Baseball's latest dog-and-pony show

Baseball's latest dog-and-pony show
June 5, 2013, 9:45 pm
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"Brian McNamee had better evidence than Tony Bosch does, and he wasn’t being squeezed by baseball’s mall cops." -- Ray Ratto (AP)

If there is anything to be learned at this early stage of the Biogenesis story, it is that nobody seems willing to learn from the other big baseball PED stories, specifically this:

Brian McNamee had better evidence than Tony Bosch does, and he wasn’t being squeezed by baseball’s mall cops. And Roger Clemens still skated untouched. In other words, baseball can’t win the drug war this way. It can’t win it any way short of turning players who test positive over to law enforcement for possible crimes committed against the actual legal statutes of the nation, to be honest, and it will never do that. So what we have here is one more dog-and-pony show that is supposed to make us think that MLB is trying to run a clean shop and is thwarted at every turn by an omnipotent union and inadequate legal climate.

To which we say, “Keep smearing the product, boys. You did this to yourselves a long time ago, and you never get to stop paying for
Looking the other way, or trying to shortcut your way into blaming only the other guy.”

But this is what they’ve been doing from jump street, and it hasn’t worked yet. Bud, no matter what anyone says, you are smarter than this. It wouldn’t kill you to prove it.


Shane Battier of the Miami Heat said sitting out the entirety of Game 7 of the Eastern Conference final was “like eating a turd sandwich, and that ribeye takes extra good next time.” Well, no matter what deli Battier frequents, being saved for the NBA Finals against a team as old school as he is, is more than a fecal delicacy. It’s thinking ahead. Miami’s clincher over Indiana was a rout, he wasn’t needed, and he’s at the age where a day of needless exertion is contra-indicated.

But maybe if he’d ordered fries . . .


Former ESPN basketball nerdburger (sorry, couldn’t help myself) John Hollinger was the only mothership pundit to see a Heat-Spurs final before the season began, but then he quit the prescience business to become a mover and shaker with the Memphis Grizzlies, where he and much of the rest of the front office apparently got crosswise with head coach Lionel Hollins, so much so that Hollins is being pursued by other teams despite wanting to stay.

I guess that makes Hollinger two for two, kind of. Then again, I don’t know that he’ll get a raise for either one, so its value is nebulous at best.


And finally, with the Finals beginning this evening, this mood-setter, courtesy