With Curry's ankle, Robinson signing means something now

With Curry's ankle, Robinson signing means something now
January 5, 2012, 2:28 am
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This is what I wrote before Stephen Currys ankle fell off the end of his leg again. I now must feel differently. The status quo does not change, of course, but now Robinson is desperately needed to take the minutes Curry will lose while he ponders the hellhound that is fate.

So Im reading the Nate Robinson news you know, him signing with the Warriors and Im wondering what the hell to feel about it.

And then I just sigh and realize that once again theyve changed the wallpaper on an old PC. It doesnt mean a whole lot of anything.

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Now Im not so nave as to think that this is the Warrior roster that will stand the test of this shortened season. Nate Robinson isnt the secret rocket fuel. There is no secret rocket fuel on this team.

But maybe its a deal that leads to a deal that leads to a deal. Maybe its the first in a series of clandestine moves that the teams five or six general managers have aligned to create a whole new team, which is to say any team that isnt the current team.

Its just that thats not really the way to bet.

It looks like an add for addings sake. It looks like a great way to create a disgruntled guard, as Comrade Steinmetz mentioned in his analysis earlier Wednesday.

It looks like an idea that came up over breakfast and was considered a gem by the end of the cruller.

True, you cant have big things every day, but the Warriors are yet again putting off the big day that awaits them all the day when Joe Lacob most of all realizes that this roster as constructed is a dead end. Even with Kwame Brown, it lives and dies on its shooting, and all those years of producing nothing does wear on veterans. They dont just turn the page they pile on the years and eventually get to the point where it seems hopeless without a huge gesture that changes the entire building.

And now, a restructured front office isnt the catalyst. New thinking is, and Nate Robinson isnt really new thinking. Its not fair to think of him as such, but it is fair to tap ones feet and wait for the organization to understand that under any financial system, the team playing the soundest basketball and leaving no holes exposed wins the most games.

And the Warriors are deep in holes. They are still too easy for opponents to play, and the substantive changes required are being deferred yet again.

So its not Nate Robinsons fault that there is more head-scratching about this than head-nodding. On this team, hes just a guy, and in basketball being just a guy is not really a compliment at all.

And now Nate Robinson matters. See? Time stands still for no paragraph, kids. Never mind staying thirsty, my friends. Stay limber.