Great Scott! Pac-12 stands pat

September 21, 2011, 3:50 am
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Sept. 20, 2011


And now Larry Scott, Empire Builder And Master Of This Vector of The Universe, says the Pac has found its true number, and it is 12.Ill bet theres wiggle room, though. In the world of conference realignment, todays story is tomorrows paper towel.For the moment, though, Scott says the Pac-12 is staying with its current alignment, already looking dated and threadbare after eight months. The chaos he helped arouse is now too chaotic even for him.

If thats what this is, and I wouldnt bet too heavily on any of it. This storys developments have the shelf life of anchovies on a space heater.Scott apparently has thrown up his hands at Texas and Oklahomas exhaustive dithering, or demands for loopholes in the fabric of the conference, or general demeanor, or for failing to bring enough barbecue for everyone in the room.This may be an indication that Texas and Oklahoma are willing to remain uneasy partners in the Big XII, willing to have commissioner Dan Beebe fired so that they can continue to run their 10-headed pop stand their way.It may also be todays twist in a story that is marked by one common theme -- rich folks trying to get massively richer without even the modesty to dress their venality up as nobility.In fact, this may merely be everyone going back to their corners before the next round of greed-jousting tomorrow, or Thursday, or next Monday. That would be the safe bet, knowing these hyenas.But as is always the case, anyone who says they know anything to be true for more than an hour is a liar, and anyone who says their source is good is a fool.And lets face it, kids -- you cant ask more of a developing story than the knowledge that everything you have heard and are hearing now is dead wrong, with an excellent chance of being wrong again tomorrow.Drink up, kids. Its a slumber party in hell, and nobody looks ready for bed.