Lin a Warrior again?

July 18, 2012, 4:35 pm
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Comrade Steinmetz speculated a bit about the return of Anthony Randolph to the Warriors apparently as part of the teams as-yet unannounced repatriation program.

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But I have a better one. Jeremy Shu-How Lin.Yes, I am painfully aware that he has barely been a Houston Rocket for a day. I read the screens like everyone else, and I must admit that anything that causes Knick fans agitation amuses me because Knick fans are Warrior fans in every way.But the Rockets signed Lin to a three-year contract that they probably have little interest in honoring. In other words, I think theyll try to flip him at some between now and expiration day, and I know of one owner who craves him more than any other.Yes. Joe Shu-How Lacob.And I know that Shu-How isnt Lacobs middle name. Its Kleiner Perkins, but hed probably be willing to change it for another crack at his first discovery.And thats the beauty of this idea. Lacob saw Lin at Palo Alto High and fell wallet over pocket square in love. He followed him through his years in the wilderness in the Ivy League, and when he had the chance to make him an employee . . . well, there he was, just waiting for a chance.

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