Morgan second-guessing misplaced

Morgan second-guessing misplaced
October 10, 2011, 6:29 pm
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This is what happens when fans start getting too invested -- Josh Morgan.

The suggestion is that Morgans fractured ankle is the result of Jim Harbaughs decision to throw the ball in the final four minutes of what was a five-touchdown game. And it is correct. Harbaugh called a pass. Morgan fractured his ankle.

But it is also faulty logic. Someone has to play wide receiver even in a five-touchdown game. Throwing the ball is not an unreasonable idea if you are trying to get your backup quarterback some work. And things happen.

Maybe it should have happened to Michael Crabtree instead, or Vernon Davis? Its not like the 49ers are deep with receivers of any kind. Someone had to do it. Maybe they should have run the ball, and Kendall Hunter should have broken his ankle? Or an offensive lineman?

And this wasnt one of those storied Harbaugh-running-up-the-score episodes, even though point differential is the seventh tiebreaker. If he wanted to run it up, he would have brought A.D. Smith back into the game and thrown to Davis. It was just one of those thingy-things, and injuries are not predictable or totally preventable.

In short, this is nothing, issue-wise, unless your level of involvement is therapy-level. Take a sip of something cool -- maybe a Nyquil daiquiri. Stop overthinking. Youll be fine.

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