Neukom should buy A's ... crazy or brilliant?

September 17, 2011, 7:16 pm
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Im completely stealing this idea from Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News, mostly because I am an immoral swine, but also because of its pure cheekiness.Anyway, here is his Tweet:Former Sharks CEO Greg Jamison is trying to buy the Coyotes. I've got a great idea for Bill Neukom's next investment: How about the A's?It is, of course, a stupid idea, and one he would never actually consider, but lets be honest. Watching Neukom argue both sides of the mythical territorial rights issue would be spectacular rhetorical fun.Now before you get your Jim Leyland-issue baseball undies into a rosin bag, let us reiterate the real problem with the San Jose, and all, territorial rights. They can be snapped away from the Giants at any moment with just evidence that the As have their money, their investors and 22 of the remaining 29 owners.And the Giants, can jump up and down all they want, with the Burns daughters doing the jumping and Larry Baer on timbales, but they cant sue Major League Baseball. They can grumpily accept a going-away gift, but thats about it.The problem remains, as it always has, though, that assembling money in this climate for a ballpark in California is too difficult a task. If it was easy, the As would already be there. At least they probably would be; were still not sure if the hologrammatic John Fisher is just in this for the revenue sharing.In any event, wed be fascinated to see if Neukom really wanted to assemble investors (he probably couldnt make the buy on his own) who would let him be the fully autonomous MGP he envisioned himself as in San Francisco.And then argue against his long litany of public statements about the sanctity of territorial rights that he has always known are largely chimerical, just to watch whomever handles counsel for the Giants turn all claret-faced at the change in his opinion.It would also be a hoot watching him in a green and gold bow tie talking about his greatest regret was not seeing the Oakland Oaks kick the San Francisco Seals collective hinders in one of his many sojourns to Emeryville as a boy, and how much he truly hated Seal outfielder Gene Woodling and loved Oaks manager Casey Stengel.In short, this is a daft idea by Kawakami, which is to be expected. It is also a delicious idea by Kawakami, which is also to be expected. And wed better seize onto those ideas of his while we can. The Warriors have not yet announced this, but he will be the teams new mascot a small, semi-cranky middle-aged guy kicking Joe Lacob in the shins while distributing blue-and-gold-frosted churros when the team holds an opponent under 108 points.Ray Ratto is a columnist for