Ratto: AP Top 25 Rankings (112110)

November 21, 2010, 9:22 pm
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Nov. 21, 2010RATTO ARCHIVE
Ray Ratto

Each week, the Associated Press college football ballot shrinks a few teams, and now is down to maybe four that really matter. But we soldier on, because we are faithful and devoted and because it kills a Sunday morning that might otherwise be spent interacting with the family. Our man's poll, with salient abuse as required:

1 (2)
Boise State (at Nevada)
Fresno State at Fresno is not an easy get. This time, though, it was.
2 (1)
TCU (at New Mexico) Might have held its place had San Diego State not lost last night.
3 (3)
Oregon (Arizona) Well rested.
4 (4)
Auburn (Alabama) Equally indolent.
5 (5)
LSU (at Arkansas)
Mississippi isn't that good, but at this point, it's survive and advance.
6 (9)
Stanford (Oregon State) Andrew Luck just removed your appendix, and you didn't even feel it.
7 (7)
Oklahoma St. (Oklahoma)
The Oklahoma game Saturday night will be gi-nor-mous.
8 (8)
Michigan St. (Penn State)
Purdue? By four? Really?
9 (10)
Wisconsin (Northwestern) Some fan has been bitching about me voting them 10th. Happy now?
10 (11)
Ohio State (Michigan)
Solid win against a very solid opponent.
11 (6)
Nebraska (Colorado) What? Couldn't mix in a touchdown?
12 (12)
Alabama (Auburn) In civvies Saturday.
13 (13)
Arkansas (LSU)
Mississippi State is a quality win at Starkville
14 (14)
Virginia Tech (Virginia)
Nine consecutive wins, just a hair too late.
15 (15)
Missouri (at Kansas)
Held Iowa State to zero. That matters now.
16 (16)
Oklahoma (at Oklahoma St.)
Obliterated Baylor at Baylor.
17 (17)
Nevada (Boise State) A tap-in against New Mexico State.
18 (18)
Texas A&M (Texas)
Very nice save against Nebraska.
19 (19)
Utah (BYU) Rallied late against San Diego State.
20 (NR)
S, Carolina (at Clemson)
Handled the best the Sun Belt has to offer.
21 (21)
NC State (at Maryland) Close shave against Carolina.
22 (22)
Arizona (at Oregon) Here's their moment of zen.
23 (23)
Florida State (Florida)
Took out Maryland on the road.
24 (24)
N. Illinois (at E. Michigan)
Ball State is no patsy. Well, yes it is, but still...
25 (NR)
Central Florida (Memphis)
Not a bad loss in the bunch, and they're 8-3.
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