Ratto: AP top 25 rankings (112810)

November 28, 2010, 9:58 pm
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Nov. 28, 2010RATTO ARCHIVE
Ray Ratto

Each week, the Associated Press college football ballot shrinks a few teams, and now is down to maybe four that really matter. But we soldier on, because we are faithful and devoted and because it kills a Sunday morning that might otherwise be spent interacting with the family. Our man's poll, with salient abuse as required:

1 (3)
Oregon Arizona win looked like most of the others, like a boa constrictor eating
2 (2)
Playing New Mexico is only slightly better than forfeiting to it in BCS eyes
3 (4)
Auburn Next stop: The SEC title game with South Carolina
4 (9)
Wisconsin A hard choice here over Stanford and Michigan State, which beat them
5 (6)
Stanford Jim Harbaugh has them four spots too high
6 (8)
Michigan St. Beat Wisconsin, yes, but has fewer other impressive wins
7 (10)
Ohio State Gotta get Michigan off their schedule. Lowers the whole tone
8 (11)
Nebraska Big 10 Commissioner Jim Delany just bought a very angry constituency
9 (13)
Arkansas Nice work over LSU, though Atlanta Falcons fans won't be happy
10 (15)
Missouri Let's be honest -- the Big 12 is just a great whopping mess
11 (17)
Nevada Maybe a tad high, but the best big game of the year for sheer entertainment
12 (16)
Gave up 41 to Oklahoma State and won. Go figure
13 (1)
Boise St.
Will have to learn to love the Fight Hunger Bowl
14 (5)
Les Miles must have had some bad grass (and go ahead, make your jokes)
15 (7)
Oklahoma St. Gave up 47 to Oklahoma and almost won. Go figure
16 (14)
Virginia Tech
Ten straight, with Florida State up next
17 (12)
Maybe too low, but three hard losses are still three losses
18 (18)
Texas A&M
Went 3-0, then 0-3, then 6-0
19 (20)
South Carolina The last game Stanford has to care about is these guys v. Auburn
20 (23)
Florida St. That 30-point loss to Oklahoma seems so long ago
21 (19)
Utah The wheels kind of came off after the TCU loss
22 (24)
Northern Illinois How did they lose to Iowa State?
23 (NR)
Suddenly, 9-3 and a win over Nevada looks pretty damned good
24 (NR)
West Virginia
The Big East stinks, but these guys did the best they could
25 (25)
Central FloridaCan SMU in the Conference USA title game be called a showdown? I thought not
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