Ratto: AP Top 25 Rankings (11710)

November 7, 2010, 9:11 pm
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Ray Ratto

Each week more or less, your faithful servant (well, not so much a faithful servant as me, frankly) submits his AP Top 25 poll for evisceration by the locals. This is his latest nacho bowl.

1 (1)
TCU (San Diego State)
The last real non-computer hurdle has been cleared.
2 (2)
Oregon (at Cal)
Your optimism in the local team is probably ill-considered.
3 (3)
Boise State (at Idaho)
IU just gave up 844 yards to Nevada. Yeah, 844.
4 (5)
Auburn (Georgia) Beating Alabama in the SEC title game gets them there.
5 (7)
LSU (UL Monroe)
A tap-in before Ole Miss.
6 (12)
Nebraska (Kansas) They barely beat (a better-than-normal) Iowa State, for God's sake.
7 (11)
Oklahoma State (at Texas)
Not that big a game now.
8 (6)
Michigan State (Purdue)
1-1 outside the state this year.
9 (17)
Stanford (at ASU) Never looked better than last week.
10 (13)
Wisconsin (Indiana)
Slow but steady improvement.
11 (8)
Utah (at Notre Dame)
TCU may have scarred them.
12 (14)
Ohio State
(Penn State) Well-rested for a meh game that was once a big deal.
13 (10)
(Mississippi State)Did they push all-in on LSU?
14 (NR)
Arkansas (UTEP) Not quite a week off, but close.
15 (22)
Virginia Tech
(North Carolina) The JMU loss seems eons ago.
16 (20)
Arizona (USC) Now that the weaknesses have been seen, what next?
17 (15)
Iowa (at Northwestern) Harder than it looks.
18 (NR)
Nevada (at Fresno State)
Now comes the hard part, except for New Mexico State
19 (9)
Missouri (Kansas St.)
Interesting, kind of, I guess.
20 (4)
Oklahoma (Texas Tech)
At one point, Sooners looked like the best team.
21 (24)
Mississippi State (at Alabama) Could be their last stand.
22 (23)
Miami, Fla. (at Georgia Tech) A make-or-break game before Va. Tech.
23 (NR)
Navy (Central Michigan)
76 points speaks to me. So does the mediocrity below.
24 (NR)
North Carolina (Virginia Tech)
Looks like a fourth loss here.
25 (NR)
Delaware (at Massachusetts)
There are no more FBS teams I can stomach. Seriously.
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