Ratto: Ellison and the Hornets in San Jose?

January 6, 2011, 12:14 am
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Ray RattoCSNBayArea.com

Forbes Magazines report that Larry Ellison, the planet-eater who owns Oracle, is planning to buy the New Orleans Hornets and move them to San Jose is sensational.As in, What the hell is THAT?But in a week that has already thrown the Bay Area into a series of spastic fits, allow us to say, Whoa, big fella. This isnt close to being done yet. If at all.Lets start with the knowns. Did Ellison want the Warriors? Yes, very badly.
Was he mightily torqued when Joe Lacob and Peter Guber got them instead? Oh, baby, was he ever.
Does he still like basketball? Indeed.
Would he love to make Lacob and Guber feel very uncomfortable by sitting right down the road siphoning off fans and ad revenue? Bingo! We have a winner! No more calls, please!RELATED: Ellison out, Lacob-Guber new Warriors owners
But now, lets list the obstacles.

Labor discord, which would delay any sale.
The likelihood of a hard salary cap in the NBA to replace the soft cap currently in place, which would undercut Ellisons biggest advantage over most of the field check size.
David Sterns political skill would be strained with other owners if he let Ellison move into a territory where someone had just overpaid for a property by about 100 percent. It makes for nasty precedents, and owners buy teams for the monopoly value as much as anything.
There are other properties Ellison can buy, if he wants them and doesnt mind running them in the cities in which they are currently located say, like Memphis.In short, this is a long way from happening. Oh, it would be hilarious to watch, but youre going to have to be patient. Besides, if these two football teams arent enough amusement for you, then maybe you have ADD.What'syour take? EmailRayand let him know. He may use it in his Mailbag.