Ratto: Five reasons to invoke the clause...

May 31, 2011, 5:54 pm
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May 31, 2011

Ray Ratto CSNBayArea.com

Five reasons why you should invoke the There but for the grace of God go us clause today.1. There hasnt been a Jim Tressel-level flameout since Todd Bozeman got the death penalty at Cal. That may be why college sports arent as important in the Bay Area outside the alumni bases, or it may be the other way around. Either way, no college coach will ever be as big here as Tressel got in Columbus even Jim Harbaugh, who craved that kind of power, had to go to the 49ers to begin his plan for world domination.RELATED: Jim Tressel resigns as Ohio State's football coach
2. The Atlanta Thrashers are now the Winnipeg Arglebargles, another reminder that your team isnt yours at all. Youre a silent investor at best, and you get to decide nothing except where you plant your behind. You just got your underwear scared off you in Sacramento, and you will learn this again if the 49ers dont get their stadium, or if a billionaire starts schmoozing Al Davis or his heirs, and the As would kill for another place beyond San Jose with which to apply its otherwise ineffectual leverage.RELATED: PHT: Thrashers sold, moved to Winnipeg
3. The NBA Finals begin tonight, which hasnt impacted our area in 36 years. Were still arguing about which coach will get two years to fix the unfixable, and whether Larry Riley will be working for Joe Lacob, Joe Lacob and Jerry West, Joe Lacob, Jerry West and Bob Myers, Joe Lacob, Jerry West, Bob Myers and Kirk Lacob, or Joe Lacob, Jerry West, Bob Myers, Kirk Lacob and Bobby Rowell. Thats not satisfying basketball talk at all.3B. Our last LeBron James was Jason Kidd, whom you will see tonight.4. The Stanley Cup Finals begin tomorrow, which has never impacted our area. That makes us even with Columbus, Nashville, Phoenix, and Winnipeg. Doesnt seem so jolly now, does it?4B. For the record, the three cities with the longest wait since their last final are Toronto (44 years), St. Louis (41) and Uniondale, N.Y. (the Islanders, 27).5. Watching Gary Bettman doing the Winnipeg presser reminds us that we almost never see Bud Selig, Roger Goodell or David Stern. There is one benefit to be on the wrong coast.