Ratto: Islanders hang Nabokov out to dry

January 26, 2011, 12:20 am
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Ray RattoCSNBayArea.com

Well, thatll teach Evgeni Nabokov to screw with Garth Snow.Snow, the general manager of the New York Islanders and the man whom Nabokov hung up on the other day when Snow wanted to welcome him to a place Nabokov wanted no part of, has suspended Nabokov for not showing up at the place where he said he didnt want to go.
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Got that? Oh, youre not coming. Then just for that, you cant come. Or go, for that matter.Nabokov, who said he hung up on Snow accidentally, thinking he was just another media hyena wanting to know if he would play for the Islanders, is now in a limbo that prevents him from being anything other than a glorified pensioner, cashing checks from the KHL while playing with the kids.Evidently the Islanders still think there is something noble in trying to catch Ottawa and maybe even Toronto for that elusive 12th place spot in the East. Or they think they can hold up Detroit, which wants him just as much. Or maybe Snow thinks Nabokov needs a lesson in phone etiquette.Either way, Nabokov is now under planet arrest, meaning he can go anywhere except to another team in the NHL. He must be stung.What'syour take? Email Rayand let him know. He may use it in his Mailbag.