Ratto: Jackson get ready, Al is coming

January 16, 2011, 8:23 pm
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Jan. 16, 2011


Ray Ratto

Hue Jackson, this is your future. Hope youre up to it.According to the redoubtable Adam Schefter, whom the Raiders largely hate, Al Davis was fining Tom Cable while he was still coach for perceived infractions against whatever the hell it was Al felt like fining him for, eventually running a tab of 120,000.NEWS: Source: Cable files grievance against Raiders
Cue the angry press release from Raider Interplanetary Headquarters.Wed like to be more definitive about what Cable did to incur those fines other than be the head coach of the Raiders, but, again according to Schefter, the NFL is doing due diligence to determine the exact reason for the fines.We, of course, dont need that. Cable got fined for taking the job to begin with, because Al Davis hates his coaches, more now than ever. Any reasonably plausible provocation will do.GUTIERREZ: Tom Cable-Al Davis saga takes new twist
But the weird thing is, he had plenty of provocation for firing him and never would allegedly clocking assistant coach Randy Hansen, accusations of spousal abuse, the record until this year because his particular fetish is not paying coaches not to work. As a result, his football team has been run by a man he cant stand for the last . . . well, think in terms of decades.In other words, Al is back to looking like a man who cherishes his vindictiveness more than his health. Thats no way to spend ones golden and platinum years.Yes, money is always an issue with Al; the team is his prime source of income. But every day he keeps a coach he doesnt like or respect is one more day he delays whatever renaissance the Raiders have planned.He has to have a coach, period. It cant be him. Hes going to have to delegate and exhibit a little trust. Or he can keep losing and fining and suing and having press conferences that backfire.In the meantime, lets have that press release that calls Schefter a weasel. The Raiders are nothing if not creatures of habit.

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