Ratto: Kolb to NFC West? What it would mean...

July 25, 2011, 6:37 pm
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July 25, 2011


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Because gun-jumping is what we do because Comrade Maiocco hasnt really covered this more than four or five times, let us consider for a moment the apparent acquisition of quarterback Kevin Kolb by the Arizona Cardinals in the following ways:

1. How it affects the Cardinals.
2. How it affects the Seahawks, who also rumored to desire him.
3. How it affects the 49ers.

One, for the Cardinals, it cannot possibly hurt, given what they had (which is the discredited Derek Anderson and the mostly ethereal Max Hall) and what they needed (someone to throw the ball with some measure of accuracy to Larry Fitzgerald). Kolb may be one of those free agency myths, the kind of guy whose backup credentials are so spectacular that the real goods as a starter may not stand scrutiny.

But even if one-quarter dead and half-starved, Kolb is an upgrade for one of the teams who are like the 49ers mediocre to not very good. We base this analysis on the only thing we have, which is last year, and if you honestly believe the 49ers werent mediocre to not very good, you are certainly welcome to cheer unreservedly for the next team that hires Mike Singletary as its head coach.

Two, for the Seahawks, it means another year of Matt Hasselbeck, and while they did make the playoffs last year and even stole a first-round playoff game, they did want to upgrade the position, and not being able to at least suggests that they will be standing still. They are, after all, the tin standard for NFC West play, so all things must be compared to them, even if it makes your stomachs churn a bit.

And three, for the 49ers, it means more proof that Jim Harbaugh didnt like the market for quarterbacks so much that he would stand with Alex Smith. This will outrage many of you who long ago decided she should have been term-limited, but Harbaugh has clearly made his choice for his version of Mister Right more specifically, Mister Right Now. He is not a Kevin Kolb guy; if he was, Kolb would still be in play.

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That is, unless the Eagles didnt covet anything the 49ers were offering, though there seems no indication that they ever got very involved in discussions.

In short, the Cardinals did improve themselves, or to be more syntactically accurate, will improve themselves when the deal is finally done. That means one more obstacle for the 49ers to overcome as they emerge from stasis. But if this helps comfort you 49er fans at all, consider this:

There was never a Camp Kevin. Thats one thing the Cardinals will not benefit from this coming season.

Ray Ratto is a columnist for CSNBayArea.com