Ratto: NFL playoffs rally cry -- go Seahawks!?!?

January 7, 2011, 9:38 pm
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Ray Ratto

You can get NFL playoff analysis anywhere. Animals can do NFL playoff analysis, and they dont ask for benefits, so were about two years away from an all-zoo-beast NFL Network.

So lets cut right to it. Go Seahawks! Super Bowl or bust!

Weve all had our fun mocking the worst playoff team of all time, unless you want to go back to the NBA of 1950, but its time to get serious, and what America needs to brighten its spirits and believe again in the hopes of Everyman is the Seahawks. It doesnt matter against who. Hell, the Patriots could beat Seattle 107-3, but the point would have been made, namely:

The system works best when the system is in chaos.

Seattle is the spoke in the wheels this year, the mutant interloper who just busted out of the care facility to spend Christmas with the family. The Seahawks strip the pomposity from the playoffs, and the longer theyre involved, the better it gets.

By winning, the Seahawks would make every pre-game analysis for the rest of time pointless.

All those fancy charts that list Team A having the advantage in Categories B through L would be rendered moot.

Video breakdowns, human interest stories, the entire publicity-generating machine of the NFL would spit sparks and break down in a shower of gears, microchips and burning suit coats.

And who wouldnt want that?

What could be wrong with a paragraph that begins, Seattle? No idea how this happened. Honest, Ive been watching football for 385 years, and I am completely stupefied. I dont even know half the player son this team. I dont want to know them. Gaaaahhhhkkkhhhkhkkhhlblblblbbbl.

And now back to you, Rich.

Anyway, go Seahawks. Because sometimes the meek have to throw a few knees to the groin to inherit the earth.
Ray Ratto is a columnist with Comcast SportsNet Bay Area.

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