Ratto's AP Top 25 Poll (1023)

October 23, 2011, 5:19 pm
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Every week, Senior Insider Ray Ratto votes in the Associated Press College Football Poll. Here is this week's stab at perfection.

RANK TEAM LAST WEEK THIS WEEK COMMENT 1 LSU BEAT AUBURN, 45-10 Idle, with a very good reason Winner takes all at Alabama next week . . . 2 ALABAMA BEAT TENNESSEE, 37-6 Idle, with the same reason . . . While the loser lives a winter of impotent rage 3 BOISE STATE BEAT AIR FORCE, 37-26 Incredibly Idle Best positioned yet for late November screwing 4 STANFORD BEAT WASHINGTON, 65-21 At Southern California Whatever happened to that Luck fellow? 5 OKLAHOMA STATE Won at Missouri, 45-24 BAYLOR Solid win after solid win after solid solid win 6 CLEMSON BEAT NORTH CAROLINA, 59-38 At Georgia Tech Some people think they're in the title race, and I'm not unsympathetic to their bleatings 7 OREGON Won at Colorado, 45-2 WASHINGTON STATE They should have been dropped for giving up the 2; later events intervened 8 ARKANSAS Won at Mississippi, 29-24 At Vanderbilt More of a struggle than it should have been 9 KANSAS STATE Won at Kansas, 59-21 OKLAHOMA As close as ESPN will ever come to Game Day in Manhattan 10 OKLAHOMA LOST TO TEXAS TECH, 41-38 At Kansas State One more minute, and they might have cheated the reaper 11 MICHIGAN STATE BEAT WISCONSIN, 37-31 At Nebraska Ann Arbor has never wept so much 12 WISCONSIN Lost at Michigan State, 37-31 At Ohio State Hell of a game, hell of a fall 13 VIRGINIA TECH BEAT BOSTON COLLEGE, 30-14 At Duke Only one troublesome game left, at Georgia Tech 14 TEXAS A&M Won at Iowa State, 33-17 MISSOURI Lost a bit of ground, but the right place for Ags 15 HOUSTON BEAT MARSHALL, 63-28 RICE Boise State South 16 TEXAS TECH Won at Oklahoma, 41-38 IOWA STATE Second win over winning team a beauty 17 PENN STATE Won at Northwestern,. 34-24 ILLINOIS Rapidly . . . Losing . . . Will . . . To . . . Care 18 NEBRASKA Won at Minnesota, 41-14 MICHIGAN STATE From the ridiculous to the sublime 19 SOUTH CAROLINA Dedicated Bye Week to Ron Morris At Tennessee This was the week that was; did nothing, gained a spot 20 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Won at Notre Dame, 31-17 STANFORD Someone goes down hard this weekend 21 MICHIGAN Cursed loudly and repeatedly at Michigan State PURDUE Watching Sparty steal from Wisconsin must have stung good 22 SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI BEAT SOUTHERN METHODIST, 27-3 At Texas El Paso The Neptune of the FBS solar system; as far as you can go without losing interest 23 CINCINNATI Won at South Florida, 37-34 Exhausted after all that Big East worry No impressive wins, but only one loss 24 TEXAS CHRISTIAN BEAT NEW MEXICO, 69-0 BRIGHAM YOUNG (FRIDAY) Punching way below their weight Saturday 25 ARIZONA STATE Didn't play; that's how bereft of teams we are COLORADO I was this close to voting for Georgia Southern