Should Giants change AT&T?

September 22, 2011, 6:48 pm
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In what clearly is not a shot across the Giants bow but that we can turn into one with just deft bit of typing, the New York Mets are talking seriously about (as in planning to) change the dimensions of CitiField so that it isnt quite so Giants-ish.

We will now wait while Giant fans flood the switchboards demanding Trina Deans email address.

Done? OK. Here are the highlights, courtesy Andy Martino of the New York Daily News, quoting general manager Sandy (I Wasnt In Moneyball, Damn It!) Anderson:

We're taking a very serious look at it, Alderson said. We've done some analyses, and I think at some time in October at the latest we'll make a decision.

Alderson wants the parks dimensions to be a little more balanced, a little more average at least. If we do something, it won't be subtle.

Then the dagger revealed itself, even though were actually making up the dagger ourselves. Only the Giants and Padres parks average fewer homers per game.

Quoted by ESPNs Adam Rubin, Alderson also said, We're not looking for an advantage with respect to home runs versus visitors' home runs. At the same time, I think there is some sense that the park is a little more overwhelming to a team that spends half its time there as opposed to a team that comes in for three games and doesn't really have to alter an approach or think about it too much and leaves.

Oh, and dont forget this, either.

To some extent it's a question of entertainment, Alderson said. The hardcore baseball fan enjoys the 2-1, the 3-2. We're appealing to a little broader segment. I think offense is appealing. Offense sells.

I dont know. The Giants sold the hell out of a team that finished dead last in scoring. Then again, the Mets didnt win the World Series.

Either way, there is diminishing honor in having the worst offensive park in the major leagues, and the players October tee times prove that. Something tells me the Giants brand new brass is going to schedule some 'splainin' to do soon.

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