World Series TV-ratings talk is useless to you

October 21, 2011, 5:01 pm
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The World Series ratings stink. The World Series games have been great.So this is your opportunity to announce to yourself whether you are an independent-thinking human being, or a sheep.The story of TV ratings and how they legitimize or de-legitimize a sporting event is a tired, stupid old concept. It is about arguing whether TV executives have a greater stake in your enjoyment than you do.
And yes, we get the irony of someone on a TV web site making this argument, but bear with me. Im a Senior Insider, damn it, they cant fire me yet, and I shall be heard.Every time you hear or see some journalist, pundit or talking head mock the ratings of a sporting event, you as an independent thinking human being must shout at the TV or the newspaper, Shut up, you swine! You know nothing! Your opinion has no value! You are stealing our oxygen for the benefit of your venal stupidities! Cease!Of you can just flip him off, if there are others in the room.Either way, youll be right, because what other people do to derive entertainment has nothing to do with you. Enjoy what you want, and were telling you, ratings or not, the World Series has been very enjoyable stuff.In short, ratings have nothing to do with entertainment, and never have. Unless you are one of two things.A TV executive.Or a sheep.In the one case, you have business reasons to care. In the other, youre just making sweaters. The choice, then, is yours. So you can watch really cool baseball game because you like baseball, you can choose not to if baseball isnt your gig, you can sweat numbers that only matter if you work at Fox, or you can bleat.