Spartan Race

Follow the journey of top athletes as they tackle the grueling challenges of Reebok Spartan Race, the global leader in obstacle racing. Don’t miss your front row seat to watch these fearless athletes showcase their abilities as they jump over fire, crawl under wires, and throw spears. 

I was surprised to learn that that when using the proper lifting technique -- the 'Atlas Carry' was actually doable. And who would have known that using a pry bar is a good way to practice for the spear throw?
He's a veteran of last year's Sacramento Super, but he still has nightmares about the "Herculean Hoist."


Spartan Race 2015

Sat. Sept. 5, 2pm -- Breckenridge, CO

Sat. Sept. 5, 11pm -- Breckenridge, CO

Sat. Sept. 13, 8pm -- Bigfork, MT