Brazil: 20 thoughts from the Sharks' playoff run


Brazil: 20 thoughts from the Sharks' playoff run


1) As Ive learned, it is indeed possible to spend 10,000 of the companys money chasing the Sharks all across North America for six weeks.2) Each opponent, and its subsequent fanbase, thought they were better than San Jose from the outset of each series. Los Angeles, in true SoCal fashion was out to shock the world. Detroit and its self-described mystique was destined to advance. And then of course Vancouver was owed a trip to the finals, because well after all, Canadians invented hockey.3) Canucks fans support their team very well on the road. Sharks fans shouldnt be mad or frustrated at this, but instead take a chapter out of their book. Nothing like making the enemys advantage your own advantage.

4) Tim Hortons is the best breakfast spot in the world. Whoever franchises a location in San Francisco will make a lot of my money.5) No Show Joe sure showed a lot of people his true colors. Not only as the points leader through three rounds of the postseason, but also as the leader inside the Sharks' dressing room. All of this while playing through pain. Hard to believe he will still have doubters, but then again, I wont be surprised.6) Paying the extra 10 to sit in the exit row, always worth it on the long flights.7) Its the easy way out as a journalist, blogger, or fan to pick an underperforming star player and ask Where has ___ been this series?. When was the last time you saw a championship team have all of its players going 100 at the same time? Never. Exactly.8) HP Pavilion is louder than Staples Center, Joe Louis Arena and Rogers Arena. This is not bias, this is truth.9) Logan Couture might be the biggest bright spot in the organizations future. The kid has already exceeded expectations, and shows no signs of slowing down.10) Angry Birds still manages to make ME angry at times, but is the best time killer for airplane, bus, taxi and train rides.11) The people and media outlets who covered San Jose the least this regular season seem to be most critical of their performance in the postseason.12) It is completely normal to ask someone, or yourself What day is today? anytime youre past the first round.13) Todd McLellan is an incredibly composed man. Through the controversy and the celebration of emotional hockey games, he always delivers eloquent words to the media, and you can only imagine he is the exact same to his players when the doors are closed.14) Your big free agents this year are: White, Wallin, Huskins, Eager, Nichol, Wellwood, Mayers and Setoguchi. At least half of them will be back, Id guess. Which ones, well have to see.15) In retrospect, werent two goaltenders better than one?16) Funny how any series won always seems easier in hindsight. For example, at the time I remember thinking how many battles there were in the Kings series but now looking back, it seemed like a relatively painless series.17) In 2011, the Sharks played their latest game in the calendar year (May 24th), and played the most postseason hockey of any season (18 games).18) They also were the only team to appear in the Conference Finals each of the last two years, which seems to be a lost fact on a lot of people.19) I honestly dont know how any regular man puts up with a full-time beard. It beats shaving every day, and is fun for the playoffs but thats about where the benefits end. 20) With a postseason this long, next year will be here before you know it.

A's fall short of series win vs Yankees after Judge's grand slam

A's fall short of series win vs Yankees after Judge's grand slam


The A's had a chance to take a road series from the Yankees, but star rookie Aaron Judge flexed his way to a huge go-ahead grand slam. 

Judge's opposite field shot erased the A's 2-1 lead and the Yankees went on to win, 9-5, Sunday in New York. 

Andrew Triggs started on the hill for the A's and tossed six innings. He allowed six runs, yet only one of those were earned. 

In the top of the eighth inning, Khris Davis smacked his 15th home run of the year. 

On defense, the A's continued to be sloppy and committed two errors. 

The A's fell to 22-27 this season. 

LeBron doesn't care about long Finals odds: 'I only play blackjack in Vegas'

LeBron doesn't care about long Finals odds: 'I only play blackjack in Vegas'

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio — LeBron James says the challenge of facing the Golden State Warriors in the Finals is “up there” with any of his career.

Appearing in his seventh straight Finals, James knows the Cleveland Cavaliers are underdogs as they prepare to the play the Western Conference champions for the third straight year. This version of the Warriors is even scarier than previous ones as Kevin Durant is now playing with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

James was in a similar situation in Miami when he went up against San Antonio and a roster of future Hall of Famers.

The three-time champion said playing Golden State is “going to be very challenging not only on me mentally, but on our ballclub and on our franchise.”

Reminded that Las Vegas oddsmakers had made him an underdog in six of his eight Finals, James quipped, “I only play blackjack in Vegas anyway, so it doesn’t matter.”