Dellavedova relishing leadership role


Dellavedova relishing leadership role

When the Gaels made their magical Sweet 16 run, Matthew Dellavedova was a freshman. Two years later, theres a similar energy on the Saint Marys campus.

"I think were still improving this year," Dellavodova said. "Room to grow and thats what happened two years ago...kept improving all the way to our last game, so I think if we can keep that going, turn out pretty well."

As a player, hes also continued to improve each season. Now a junior, Delly leads the team in scoring and assists, all the while serving as an extension of coach Randy Bennett on the floor.

"Its a bit of extra responsibility and playing a bit more point guard spot this year so Im enjoying that," he added.

With the departure of Omar Samhan two years ago, and Mickey McConnell last season, the Australian guard is sort of the big man on campus these days, and so far, hes embracing his leadership opportunity.

"Hes as good a leader as weve ever had," Bennett said. "And hes only a junior. I dont say that about anyone. Weve had some great leaders over the last ... Mills, Samhan, McConnell. Dellavedova is as good as any of them."

"They led by example," Dellavedova said of the former leaders. "They always brought it every night in games and in practices so it was great to be able to learn off them."

"Hes such a dedicated, intense leader," Rob Jones said. "On the court hes always so into the game, but also calm and knows how to take control. I learn from him everyday and he might learn from me. Probably not as much but Im really glad to have him on my team."

During his three seasons at Saint Marys, hes been a key part of an incredible story, one that is still being written.

"I havent really thought about that right now," says the guard. "Might think about that after Ive finished playing here. Were just focused on this season and trying to get better each day continue to improve throughout the season."

Brandon Crawford: Giants should change right-center field wall


Brandon Crawford: Giants should change right-center field wall

Since the moment it opened, AT&T Park has been a pitcher's park.

Last Friday, Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford answered questions from kids at a youth baseball camp.

How big are Major League fields?

“They vary in size. Ours is one of the bigger ones, 421 feet to right-center, which should be changed," Crawford said.

Baseball fans are well aware that flyballs to deep right-center field in San Francisco -- home runs in the majority of ballparks -- are routinely caught or result in triples.

This season, there have been 69 home runs hit at AT&T Park -- by far the lowest in baseball.

Fenway Park in Boston (82) and PETCO Park in San Diego (89) are next.

Crawford has eight home runs this year -- six on the road and two at home.

Last year, he hit 12 home runs -- eight on the road and four at home.

In 2015, he hit a career-high 21 home runs -- 13 on the road and eight at home.

Might the Giants somehow move the fences in?

"It ain't gonna happen ... that's just not gonna happen," Mike Krukow said on KNBR 680 on Monday morning.

Adam Silver feels bad for Cleveland: 'Where there's smoke, there's fire'


Adam Silver feels bad for Cleveland: 'Where there's smoke, there's fire'

When Adam Silver speaks, you listen (or in this case, you read what he said).

The NBA Commissioner joined The Rich Eisen Show on Monday morning and was asked the following question:

"Are you ecstatic of all this news, all the drama that's being played out in all these rosters in free agency?"

Silver's answer was kind of surprising.

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"I love the interest. I'm not ecstatic about the drama," Silver began. "I feel bad for whatever is going on in Cleveland, and I have no first-hand information.

"But I assume where there's smoke, there's fire. Brian Windhorst has sort of been cataloguing LeBron's career for a long time, and he usually has very accurate insights from that team."

Last Friday, Windhorst broke the news that Kyrie Irving requested a trade.

LeBron James was reportedly "blindsided and disappointed."

"It's upsetting to hear that, when you see superstar players who have co-existed -- who had so much success together, obviously three Finals in a row, one championship -- to hear that for whatever reason, there's a sense that they can't continue to co-exist," Silver added. "Yeah, that's drama, but it's not necessarily the kind of drama that the league wants."

The Cavs selected LeBron with the No.1 overall pick in 2003.

The Cavs selected Kyrie with the No. 1 overall pick in 2011.

LeBron can become a free agent next summer, while Kyrie can hit the open market in July 2019.

Will the Cavs give in to Kyrie's request? Stay tuned...

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