Amy G's Giants Xclusive -- Marco Scutaro

July 30, 2012, 9:22 pm
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Amy: You are looking at the newest Giant but certainly not a new face in baseball. Marco and I go way back to 2006 and 2007 and I have to say its really nice to see you back in the Bay Area. Is it nice for you to be back in the Bay, Marco?

Marco: Yeah, no doubt. I mean I really have fun here in the Bay Area. Four years Ive been with Oakland so Im here with the Giants now and were in first place and have a great opportunity to be in the playoffs.

A: Lets go back to Friday night. We get the news that theyve traded for you. Whats your initial reaction? Youve been traded to a first place team in N.L. West.

MS: It was actually after the game on Friday so as soon as the GM told me, Marco, I need to talk to you, I just kind of figured. I just asked him, Where am I going? So, he told me San Francisco and I said, Oh, all right. Then all the thoughts start going into your head, stuff like family, where youre going to move, all this stuff, you have to pack. But, you know, its part of my job and Im happy to be here.

A: Did it help at all that you had been in the Bay Area before seasons prior to that so you kind of knew the area at least?

MS: Yeah, it does, definitely. Its different when you have already been in a place than if you havent. I kind of know what to expect. I played here a lot when I worked with the As so I am kind of familiar with this. Its cool.

A: So, lets talk about your role on the team as the starting third baseman, while Pablo is out on the D.L. When I covered you, you were an every day short stop but third base isnt an unfamiliar spot for you. How different is it to go from third to short or second and how do you plan on helping the team?

MS: Well, I havent played it in awhile but I guess you just have to get used to it. The biggest difference is the bat angle from third base but Im just here to do whatever they ask me to do. Im just here to try and help this team and try to do my job. I mean stay on my game, try to get on base, score runs just do those things that help teams win games.

A: You were with Colorado so youve played against the Dodgers but is it different playing against the Dodgers in a Giants uniform? Did you get a taste of the rivalry yesterday in your first game?

MS: Yeah, I kind of felt that. Its always nice to have those kinds of games like that. Its good for fans, its good for baseball, its good for everybody.

A: Youre from Venezuela. If memory serves correct, is dad Italian?

MS: Yeah, my dad is from Italy and my mom is from Spain.

A: So, no one is Venezuelan except you, really?

MS: Yeah, I was born in Venezuela, so yeah.

A: But you have several countrymen on the team with Hector, who is not here right now, and Pablo. Is it kind of nice to catch up with some guys from home?

M: Yeah, its always nice to see guys from your country. You know, I can already tell there are a bunch of good guys here and its exciting to be here.

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