Baer approved as control person for Giants


Baer approved as control person for Giants

MILWAUKEE Giants executive Larry Baer was approved as the team's control person Thursday in a vote by Major League Baseball's 29 other teams. There is no word on the actual vote, but Baer's approval required affirmation from 23 teams.

Baer answered questions from MLB's ownership committee on Wednesday in advance of the vote.

Baer is scheduled to officially take the position of CEO from Bill Neukom at the end of this calendar year.

The San Francisco native has been with the Giants since 1992, when he was named executive vice president as part of the group that bought the Giants from Bob Lurie and kept them in San Francisco.

Baer is responsible for the overall day-to-day functioning of the club, both on the business and baseball sides of the operation. He also serves on the Board of Major League Baseball Enterprises, which oversees national TV and radio contract negotiations, national sponsorship and licensing programs as well as the overall marketing of the industry.

The following is a press release from the commissioner's office:

Baseball Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig announced today that the Major League owners have formally approved the designation of Larry Baer as the control person of the San Francisco Giants. The Major League Clubs voted during todays quarterly ownership meetings.

Each Major League Club has a designated control person who is accountable to Major League Baseball for the operation of the Club and for the Clubs compliance with the rules of Baseball.

Giants outfielder, UVA alum reacts to Charlottesville: 'Shocking and absurd'


Giants outfielder, UVA alum reacts to Charlottesville: 'Shocking and absurd'

While it has been a week since white supremacists marched on the University of Virginia campus and clashed with protestors in Charlottesville, Va., Giants outfielder Jarrett Parker still cannot believe what happened. 

Parker, who played college baseball at UVA from 2008-2010, spoke on the events Saturday before the Giants' game in San Francisco. 

"It was a huge shock for me," Parker said to the San Francisco Chronicle. "I just think in this day and age it's ridiculous that there's still stuff like this going on." 

While seeing such racial injustices displayed in 2017 shocked Parker, he was just as appalled at where the events took place.

When asked if he believed Charlottesville was a welcoming community, Parker said, "Oh, goodness. Of course. The whole thing is pretty shocking and absurd to me.

"I don't think Charlottesville can be in any way described as a place where that's acceptable or goes on in any way. I still have a (former Virginia) teammate who lives there, and my college coaches. I'm sure they're just as shocked as anybody."

Parker, 28, is in his third season with the Giants. Through 23 games this season, he is batting .267 with one home run and eight doubles. 

After three starts with Dodgers, Yu Darvish headed to the DL


After three starts with Dodgers, Yu Darvish headed to the DL

Yu Darvish is only three starts into his Dodgers career, but the trade deadline prize is already on the shelf.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts announced to the media Saturday that Darvish is headed to the 10-day DL with back stiffness. He is expected to miss one start and is expected to pitch again Sunday in Los Angeles against the Brewers.

Darvish made the following statement: 

Since joining the Dodgers, Darvis is 2-0 with a 2.50 ERA. Between the Dodgers and Rangers, Darvish is 8-9 with a 3.83 ERA this season.