Bochy: 'Fair to say' Zito will be on playoff roster


Bochy: 'Fair to say' Zito will be on playoff roster

SAN FRANCISCO The Giants will wait to make firm decisionsabout their playoff rotation. But manager Bruce Bochy answered one majorquestion amid throbbing heads Sunday morning, saying its a near certainty thatall five of his starting pitchers will be on the postseason roster.

Thats fair to say, said Bochy, adding that one of thefive starters would be used in relief. Thats the plan, for sure.

The most important aspect of that news: Barry Zito, who wasso obviously left off the playoff rosters in all three rounds two years ago,will be a part of the action this time.

It feels really good, said Zito, informed of Bochyscomments. Im not sure whats going to happen. Its tough to process thingswhen Im getting ready for the next game Thursday But the playoffs are themost fun part of the game because all bets are off. Its all about getting itdone in one game, and if things work out, you have another game. Youre goingup against the best teams, the best starters. Thats what its all about.

The Giants are 19-11 in Zitos starts this season. Theyveonly won more often behind Matt Cain (20-10) this season.

Cain is the presumptive No. 1 starter for an NL DivisionSeries against Cincinnati or Washington; Bochy said the opponent wouldnt have muchinfluence on how he aligns the rotation, but a bigger factor could be whetherthe Giants open at home or on the road. If they are the No. 3 seed, they would playthe first two games at AT&T Park before the series shifts east.

The guess here: Cain, Madison Bumgarner, Tim Lincecum andthen some combination of Zito and Ryan Vogelsong in the No. 4 spot.

Theres still a chance the Giants could catch the Reds orNats in the victory column, but Bochy said he wouldnt wear out hisroster trying to improve the clubs playoff seeding. (In fact, the advantagewould be negligible; in a one-year quirk to the playoff schedule, thetop-seeded club wont know where its going until its opponent wins thesudden-death wild card game).

Bochy is running out a lineup Sunday that wouldnt be legalin a spring training split-squad, but he said he couldnt pass up the chance togive nearly all his regulars a full, 48-hour break when combined with Mondaysday off. Angel Pagan and Marco Scutaro need the rest more than anyone, he said.Bochy thought about putting Buster Posey at first base but he and the cleanuphitter decided the rest would be more beneficial.

Bochy plans to put his regular lineup out there on Tuesdayagainst Arizona, when Tim Lincecum will take the mound. Bochy said the rotationwould continue in the normal order after that, with Cain and Zito.

The manager said he wanted to give extra rest to Lincecum,who was scratched from Sundays start and replaced with right-hander YusmeiroPetit. Its possible that Petit will make another start down the stretch as theGiants slot starters into a playoff order, Bochy added.

And what about Lincecums odd absence from the teams NLWest celebration Saturday night?

Bochy said its customary for the starting pitcher to leaveearly when he is on the mound for a day game the following day. Lincecum wascontacted and invited to return, but the traffic made it logistically tough,Bochy said. The manager said he should have contacted Lincecum earlier to lethim know that Petit would take his spot.

Still, it was more than odd that Lincecum left in theseventh inning, knowing the Giants were just nine outs away from clinching.

Lincecum was back at the ballpark Sunday morning to gothrough his usual routine, but the clubhouse closed before reporters could havea chance to speak with him.

Two events in Wednesday's win show change in Jarrett Parker's luck

Two events in Wednesday's win show change in Jarrett Parker's luck

SAN FRANCISCO -- There have been more than 6,500 doubles hit in the big leagues this season. Only 55 have had an exit velocity of less than 62 mph. Only five of those 55 came with the go-ahead run on base.

So, it was a somewhat rare event when Jarrett Parker checked his swing, accidentally made contact, and drove in the go-ahead run with a two-run double. On a related note, Parker didn't care.

He's not one for luck or karma. He's also not a big student of exit velocity. Asked if he wanted to know how hard his double was hit, Parker shook his head.

"Nope," he said. "Don't care."

The rest of the team didn't, either. The Giants figure they're owed a few more in this down year, and nobody cared how the winning run came across in a 4-2 victory over the Brewers.

"You hear good things happen when you put the ball in play, and he did," manager Bruce Bochy said. "It's a break for us and we'll take it. It went our way there with that check-swing, which you'll take. We've had some tough breaks."

For a moment after the series clinching win, Parker thought he had suffered another bad one. He felt something grab in his right arm as he went up for the celebratory jump with the rest of the outfield, and he said he was thinking about it as he jogged off the field. Parker missed 96 games earlier this year after fracturing his clavicle. That delayed what appears to be a bit of a breakout. Parker said his arm felt fine once he got back to the clubhouse. 

"I was worried about it at first but I shook it off," he said. "It was just a cramp."

That was a relief for Parker, and it kept the good vibes going. After the way Parker's season started, he certainly is owed a bit more in that department. 

Instant Analysis: Five takeaways from Giants' 4-2 win over Brewers

Instant Analysis: Five takeaways from Giants' 4-2 win over Brewers


SAN FRANCISCO — With the go-ahead run on second in the bottom of the seventh, Kelby Tomlinson was rung up on a pitch that was about half a foot from the bottom of the zone. Bruce Bochy threw his hands up in anger. Several others in the dugout hollered at home plate umpire Fieldin Culbreth. 

Seconds later, the dugout was full of sheepish grins. 

Jarrett Parker’s check-swing resulted in an accidental double down the left field line. Two runs scored and the Giants held on for a 4-2 victory that gave them the series win over the Brewers. 

Here are five things to know from the final game of the homestand … 

—- Matt Moore’s solid day ended when he walked the leadoff batter in the seventh. His line: 6 innings, 5 hits, 1 earned run, 2 walks, 6 strikeouts. He has allowed five total runs over his past three starts. 

—- Moore caught a break in the sixth after the first two batters singled. Jonathan Villar had third base stolen by a mile, but Ryan Braun swung on the pitch and flied out to the track in center. Villar had to retreat and he couldn’t tag up. Two grounders to short got Moore out of the inning. 

—- Josh Hader, a 23-year-old reliever who looks and pitches like Bizarro Tim Lincecum, dominated the Giants the last two days. The left-hander has a 1.23 ERA in 21 big league appearances. The Giants should get one of those. 

—- Accident or not, Parker’s double counts. It was his ninth since he was called up on August 3. He has 14 RBI this month. 

—- Mark Melancon pitched a perfect eighth, striking out two. He hasn’t allowed a run in six appearances since coming off the disabled list.