EXTRA BAGGS: Nothing small about the Scutaro deal, etc.


EXTRA BAGGS: Nothing small about the Scutaro deal, etc.

SAN FRANCISCO The moment always arrives in a clinchinggame: the players take in their surroundings, lock eyes and nod.

It's the moment when they know: Weve got this.

For the Giants, they knew they would clinch the NL West in the fourth inning Saturday night, when Marco Scutaro collected a two-out, two-run single to give them a 5-1 lead. Scutaro contributed another two-out RBI hit in the sixth his third of the game and 78th in 51 games as a Giant as they saw through an 8-4 victory over the San Diego Padres.

The Dodgers added over 200 million in dead payroll to getuseful stars in Adrian Gonzalez and Hanley Ramirez. The Giants received farmore punch from a little contact man who had 2 million left on his deal andthe Colorado Rockies covered a quarter of that, too.

Scutaro, oh my God, center fielder Angel Pagan said. Theway he plays baseball, hes teaching me to be a better player. I dont have thewords.

Pablo Sandoval said he knew the Giants would win whenScutaros two-run hit found turf. Posey, never one to take anything forgranted, felt the same way.

He just you know, he just never seems to be in a hurry,Posey said. Thats the main thing. Hes patiently aggressive, I guess Ill gowith that.

Just like 2010, when Giants GM Brian Sabean made morecomplementary moves to get relievers Javier Lopez and Ramon Ramirez, theacquisition of Scutaro made a huge impact on the face of the NL West.

They lost Melky Cabrera, who was hitting .346. They addedScutaro, who is hitting .361 since the deal for minor league Charlie Culberson.

Could Sabean ever recall getting a bigger impact player atmidseason?

Id have to look back, but hes been pretty darnconsistent, Sabean said. Really, after we moved up Pagan to the leadoff spotand had Scutaro second, thats when the lineup seemed to turn on a dime. Andmost of the lineup is out there every day. Theres an energy to that.

Sergio Romo had a feeling he might be entrusted with gettingthe final out in a clinching victory. So he sought out the swami in thesematters, one Brian Wilson, Esq.

I said, Im really excited. What a feeling it would be,Romo said. He said, Just wait. Its only the first of plenty.

Tell you what, I love these guys. Were not trying to bethat man. Were all just trying to be ourselves. All year long, all weve triedto do is complement each other. Its an amazing feeling. I feel very proud, very privilegedto get that last out. It meant a lot to me personally that they trust me andgave me that chance.

Giants manager Bruce Bochy said he was tickled at how thematchups worked out in the ninth, allowing him to use Javier Lopez to strikeout lefty hitter Yonder Alonso, and then bring in Romo to end it.

We wouldnt be here without Lopez, and both of them havebeen closing games, Bochy said. So to have them both out there was special.It meant a lot to me to put them out there and hopefully it meant a lot tothem, too.

The Giants rotation won its sixth consecutive game, asMadison Bumgarner pitched well enough to win. Its the second time in the lastfive weeks that the Giants were able to take a turn through their rotation withall five starters receiving a win.

They also did it Aug. 20-24. Not surprisingly, they wrestedfirst place for keeps on Aug. 20 at San Diego, and never looked back.

Prior to that, they hadnt done it since April 20-25, 2007(Russ Ortiz, Barry Zito, Matt Cain, Matt Morris and Noah Lowry).

It was fitting that Bumgarner pitched the clincher. Twoyears ago, he stood against a wall in a cramped clubhouse at Texas, all of 21years old, and said he would appreciate everything about being in thepostseason because you never know if youll get there again.

Hes going there, again.

Six of nine Giants on the field at the final out do not owna World Series ring.

Pagan and Scutaro were two of them. So were Brandon Belt,Hunter Pence, Gregor Blanco and Brandon Crawford.

Crawford was in the Giants minor league system in 2010. Hewas at the World Series sitting in the 300 level. So dont tell him that this teamisnt hungry to go all the way.

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We got in the ninth inning and it was the loudest Ive everheard it here and it gets pretty loud, too, said Crawford, who grew up in Pleasanton. Being part ofthis team and going to the playoffs, its a dream come true. Thats the onlyway I can describe it.

This is the Giants eighth NL West title. Its the sixthtime theyve clinched against the Padres.

I checked and of Bochys four NL West titles in his dozenyears as San Diegos manager, one of those came against the Giants.

These Giants clinched in game No.152. Of Bochys six NL West division winners, the only one to clinch earlier was his 1998 Padres club. They did it in their 149th game, and then went 4-9 down the stretch. But that didnt seem to make a difference once the playoffs started. They took out the Houston Astros (led by Randy Johnson) and Atlanta Braves (led by Greg Maddux) before bowing to the Yankees in a four-game World Series sweep.

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Anyway, point is, Bochy has been in this position before. That should help him understand how to keep this team sharp but rested over these final 10 games.

Pablo Sandoval, asked to describe these 2012 Giants in oneword:

WORLD SERIES, he said.

To borrow a phrase from acclaimed cinema, Forget it, hesrolling.

Giants lineup: Ruggiano moves up against lefty Lester

Giants lineup: Ruggiano moves up against lefty Lester

Bruce Bochy and Joe Maddon issued their lineups for Game 2 of the four-game series in Chicago:

Giants (20-26)
1. Joe Panik (L) 2B
2. Christian Arroyo (R) 3B
3. Brandon Belt (L) 1B
4. Buster Posey (R) C
5. Justin Ruggiano (R) RF
6. Brandon Crawford (L) SS
7. Eduardo Nunez (R) LF
8. Gorkys Hernandez (R) CF
9. Johnny Cueto (R) P (4-3, 4.50 ERA)

Cubs (22-21)
1. Ben Zobrist (S) 2B
2. Kyle Schwarber (L) LF
3. Kris Bryant (R) 3B
4. Anthony Rizzo (L) 1B
5. Ian Happ (S) CF
6. Jason Heyward (L) RF
7. Willson Contreras (R) C
8. Addison Russell (R) SS
9. Jon Lester (L) P (2-2, 3.57 ERA)

Giants notes: Blach shows resiliency; another option in center?

Giants notes: Blach shows resiliency; another option in center?

CHICAGO — John Lackey's night started with a leadoff homer. Ty Blach's night started with a 13-pitch battle. Neither one is a positive for a pitcher, but Blach didn't view it that way. He actually appreciated Ben Zobrist stretching him out.

"It's good to have a battle like that and get you locked in," Blach said. "It gets you focused and you'll be like, I can execute and get guys out. It's good. It's a good battle."

There, in a nutshell, is so much of what Bruce Bochy loves about his young left-hander. The Giants have found Blach's arm and resolve to be remarkably resilient. He wasn't bothered when they moved him to the bullpen and he didn't get too high when they moved him back to the rotation. He is the same after seven shutout innings or three poor ones. Bochy smiled when asked about the Zobrist at-bat, which ended in a strikeout looking. 

"How 'bout that?" the manager said. "He won that at-bat. It seems like the advantage goes to the hitter, seeing all those pitches. He kept his focus and got a called strikeout and here he is pitching in the eighth inning."

After needing 13 pitches for one out, Blach got the next 23 on 81 pitches. Bochy thought Blach tired a bit in the eighth, but the deep effort allowed Bochy to mix and match in the bullpen, and ultimately he found the right mix. Hunter Strickland and Mark Melancon closed it out and got Blach his second win.

--- From last night, Joe Panik's huge night helped give Blach an early lead. With the help of Ron Wotus and his shift charts, he also put on a show defensively.

--- We're trying something new right after the final pitch: Here are five quick takeaways from the 6-4 win.

--- The options game sent Kelby Tomlinson back to Triple-A on Wednesday when the Giants activated Melancon, but his latest stint in Sacramento comes with a twist. Tomlinson started his third consecutive game in center field on Monday. The Giants are getting a bit more serious about their longtime plan to make Tomlinson a super-utility player. 

“Tommy is a valuable guy in the majors and if we can give him some experience in the outfield, it gives you more flexibility and versatility,” manager Bruce Bochy said. 

This is not Tomlinson’s first foray into the outfield. He did work there in the offseason after the 2015 season and he has played 25 big league innings in left field the last two seasons. This is Tomlinson’s first real experience with center field, and while in the past he has said that the transition isn’t as easy as some might think, Bochy is confident Tomlinson can figure it out. He certainly has the speed to be a semi-regular in the outfield, and the Giants aren’t exactly brimming with quality center field options behind Denard Span, who is dealing with his second injury of the season. 

“It’s a little different now,” Bochy said when asked about Tomlinson’s past experiences in the outfield. “He’s in Sacramento doing it, and knowing there’s a possibility we could need help in the outfield.”

If the switch doesn’t come in handy this season, it could in 2018. Bochy compared Tomlinson’s infield-outfield ability to Eduardo Nuñez, who has found regular playing time in left but is a free agent after the year. 

--- Hunter Pence did some light running in the outfield before Monday’s game. Bochy said Pence is still about a week away from being an option.

--- Bochy has said it a few times now when asked about the standings, so it’s officially a new motto for a team that got off to a brutal start: “We’ve put ourselves in a great situation for a great story.”

--- They're starting to get a little grumpy around here with their team hovering around .500. Perhaps the Cubs thought they could fool a few on the way out of Wrigley.