FanFest Q&As bring the laughs, but Belt avoids bulletin board

FanFest Q&As bring the laughs, but Belt avoids bulletin board
February 1, 2014, 1:30 pm
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Giants first baseman Brandon Belt batted .289 with 17 home runs and 67 RBI in the 2013 season. (AP IMAGES)

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SAN FRANCISCO – The unwitting star of FanFest last year was Brandon Belt, after he made an innocent-sounding comment about how the Dodgers “can’t buy chemistry.”

It stayed pinned to bulletin boards in Los Angeles all summer long. And Belt couldn’t look at Twitter without getting skewered over it.

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So when Belt sat down at the very same Q&A stage on Saturday, Giants manager Bruce Bochy took note of the reporters in the gallery.

“I notice they’re all following Brandon around, hoping he’ll say something so they can run with it,” Bochy joked.

“I’m not saying anything stupid today,” Belt said. “I’m keeping my mouth shut.”

Yeah, right. Good chance of that. The Q&A stages are always the best parts of FanFest, and Belt was true to his usual glib, goofy form on a number of topics:

What sport besides baseball would he turn pro in?

“Mine would be tennis or football. I’ve never played tennis, but I enjoy watching it on TV.”

Did he watch the playoffs?

“I only watched a little bit. … Actually, I watched the whole thing.”

And what about his postgame ritual?

“Well, I change and eat and go home.”

Piped up Javier Lopez: “Me too except I shower first.”

A fan also asked Belt when he and his wife planned to start a family. Really. And he thought answering questions about the Dodgers would be awkward.

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Bochy and Lopez got in plenty of good lines during their session, too.

Why hasn’t Bochy ever flipped the clubhouse spread?

“I enjoy eating too much.”

And does he have any postgame traditions?

“Well, I like to have a glass of wine. If we lose, I don’t have one.”

Moderator Damon Bruce mentioned that after a loss is when he probably most needs a glass.

“Well, I didn’t tell you what else I drink,” Bochy said.

Hunter Pence, Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum were next on the Q&A stage, and although Pence and Lincecum didn’t imitate each other’s delivery and batting stance, like last year, Pence did engage in a little salsa dancing with moderator Kate Scott.

The session got goofier from there.

Then the conversation, naturally, went to salad toppings. Pence shared that he likes toasted pine nuts on his kale greens, which caused Cain to hang his head in disapproval. Then Cain was asked for his choices.

“Salad?” Cain said. “Do I look like I eat salad?”

Pence was asked if he’d develop his own line of underwear. “There are no plans for Hunter Pence underpants,” he said.

“You want to wear the thong like Huff did?” Cain said.

Lincecum and Cain were asked if it’s awkward when female fans ask for their hand in marriage.

“The best is when you get `I love you’ from guys,” Cain said.

“Those are actually better,” Lincecum said.

“But what do you do with that? Do you say I love you back?” Cain said.

When the love comes from the catcher in the form of a Buster Hug, though, it’s always welcome. Cain said his perfect game embrace with Posey lacked style points because it was awkwardly timed. ("Do I jump into his arms or does he jump into mine?") Lincecum said he doesn’t usually like it when a guy hugs him from behind, but his Buster hug after his no-hitter was an exception.

Finally, the players were asked if they had any life motto, like You Only Live Once (Y.O.L.O.).

“I don’t know,” Lincecum said. “BYOB?”