Giants Diamond Girls: Nicole Vogelsong


Giants Diamond Girls: Nicole Vogelsong

Amy: Thank you for logging on to We have Nicole Vogelsong for a new webisode of Diamond Girls. And you are very, very popular. I read you on Twitter. You have your own fan base besides Ryan's fans and I'm so glad that you had time to do this, thank you.

Nicole: Thank you.

A: Let's just start with some baseball stuff before we get into the, the relationship stuff. This is a really, really good season for Ryan and for you too. And last season was incredible, but you guys dealt with the early onset of "Could he repeat that type of season?" And he's- clearly at this point, we're knocking on wood-

N: Knocking on wood.

A: He's had a really good year. What's that been like for you guys to kind of get the "fluke" word out of your vocabulary and out of your life.

N: It's been huge, I can honestly say. You know, I think we've always believed that he could do it. It was just a matter of doing it, and then last year he did it and he just kept doing it, and I know all off-season, you know, for the Giants to offer him a contract, that was huge. And that was like, that was when we were like, "Ok, you've done it. You know, you can do it." From the second he signed it it was "I gotta prove everyone wrong, that I was good enough to give this deal to."

A: So he knew right away that he was gonna face that.

N: He knew right away that it was gonna be "Can you do it again? You're- It's a fluke, it's never gonna happen." You know last year I think they quoted me saying like "I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop," and I can honestly say, you know, old habits die hard but that one has finally died. When he goes out there I don't worry about it anymore. I'm not worried about him giving up runs. I don't worry when guys- when bases are loaded. In fact I know that's when he's going to turn it up and do it. I worry more about the solo homer that might come off of the random guy who's not doing so well because it's his time, you know. He's due.

A: Right. Everyone has a time.

N: Everyone's due. Everyone gets their you know...minute in the sun there. And I'm just so, so proud. I, I can't- I can't be more proud.

A: Aww!

N: Everyone knows that. Everyone knows how, how great it's been.

A: Now, when I walk by the section where the wives sit and I see you, you are always into the game. Even if Ryan's not pitching, are you a baseball fan?

N: You know, growing up I used to go to games with my dad. I grew up in Pittsburgh and you know back in the day it was Barry Bonds and Jay Bell, and Bobby Bonilla was my favorite. And you know we used to go, and I- I still don't claim to know everything about baseball but back then I didn't know. But I knew that like, you know, you supported your team, and growing up in Pittsburgh we're Steelers, we're Penguins, we're Pirates. And so now I think I'm a Giant and I cheer for everyone. We're surrounded by such great people. I have the best wives around me and Ryan has the best teammates.

A: You guys have a good group.

N: Yeah, we uh- The front office is so great to us. You know, I love watching the games. I love- you know we sat in the outfield a couple of weeks ago, I love-

A: I know!

N: The Melkmen.

A: I didn't give you up.

N: We're going to do it again. We'll be out there.

A: Trying to watch like a real fan, yeah. It's hard.

N: I love the fist pump and I love the hat, and I wear my orange on Fridays, you know, like it's...It's part of being here, you know? Living it up and just appreciating that we're here. You know? We're here.

A: All right, tell us a little bit about life with Ryan. You have a son, an adorable son.

N: The Vogel-child, I call him.

A: The Vogel-child. And, uh, day to day duties. So, you know 'cause when I talk to wives of athletes, their husbands get home and the dishes still need to get done and the trash has to go out and the laundry has to get done.

N: Yeah...

A: All right, how helpful is Ryan around the house when he has time?

N: In all due respect, I let Ryan play baseball and I do everything else. I think you can go ask him that right now-

A: "With all due respect." I love that.

N: You can go ask him right now. I'm pretty sure he's gonna say the same thing.

A: What about off-season?

N: He does help. You know we take turns with Ryder every other day. You know, if we're out late we roshambo for who has to get up that morning. He's really good at it so I lose a lot.

A: That's funny:

N: But yeah, I, you know, he does take the trash out. He's not very handy hanging pictures or stuff like that. He's going to kill me. But no, you know, I know what it takes for him to get ready and for him to do his thing and to be the best he can. I don't "work," but I have that child.

A: Outside of the home.

N: I do, I do-

A: You do work.

N: I do everything I can to make life easy for him.

A: You do work. I see you. You work hard. You're a good momma.

N: I try.

A: All right now, here we go. Ryan said that neither one of you were good cooks, and I'm getting that that's not true. I think you've been working on that.

N: I, you know, God bless Pinterest because, you know, I'm not gonna lie. I probably had a good three things I make that are good. You know, there are other things I make, I'm not saying that they're good.

A: The go-tos.

N: But no, you know, I can make a mean roast and a good tuna noodle casserole and you know those are my stand-bys. Pinterest has me cooking up a storm and I made a huge dinner the other night, so for him to tell you that today, I'm a little upset.

A: Mm-hmm, he did.

N: Because he crushed dinner the other night.

A: I'm not trying to cause, you know, domestic problems, but he did say-

N: No, it's Ok. It's Ok. It'll be a long time before Momma cooks again. No, I'm kidding. I'm just kidding.

A: "Oh, yeah you don't like that?"

N: "You don't like what I cook? Ok I see how you are." No, no.

A: Ok, last one because I know you're a big fan of your husband and he's a big fan of you, but there's always something that bothers us about our spouses. Give us one that he's not going to get too mad that we know.

N: Ok. I feel like this is everyone. Every one of the girls have said the boys will leave their crap everywhere.

A: Yeah, Ali Bumgarner said that, for sure.

N: Yeah. Yeah, you know, at home we each have our own little side of the closet and we had them finished about a year ago and Ryan said to the guy, "I just want doors on my side. I don't want there to be anything open."

A: To cover up my mess.

N: Because he didn't want me to be able to yell at him for not folding or putting away his stuff.

A: Well you know, that's thoughtful because he's realizing-

N: That he needed to cover it up.

A: He's not going to be able to clean up his mess but he doesn't want you to have to see it.

N: Right. So that was very thoughtful.

A: So, but that's...points. Points for Ryan.

'Piss poor' seventh inning haunts Giants at Dodger Stadium

'Piss poor' seventh inning haunts Giants at Dodger Stadium

LOS ANGELES — The Giants put together a long rally in the top of the seventh inning Friday, scoring three runs to take a 4-2 lead. In the bottom of the inning, Matt Moore walked the leadoff hitter on four pitches. 

“You don’t deserve anything really that good after something like that,” Moore said. “That’s piss poor.”

Nothing good came after the walk, as Moore expected. That man, Austin Barnes, would come around to score. Three more Dodgers would, too. It added up to a 6-4 win for the Dodgers. For the best team in the National League, this was a familiar feeling. For the most disappointing team in baseball, the same was true. 

The Giants have played so well against the Dodgers this season, but in one inning at Chavez Ravine, they fell apart. They looked exactly like the team that has bottomed out over the last calendar year, and none of the pitchers who threw in the inning were spared. 

Moore had a good night in general, and his second half is showing signs of promise. But he was left angry with the result, and much of that anger was directed at himself. An hour after it happened, Moore was still stewing over the four pitches to Barnes and the double he gave up to Joc Pederson.

“You’ve got to make him earn his way on there,” Moore said of Barnes. “I’ve got to be better than that in the seventh.”

Moore’s night ended when Yasiel Puig entered the on-deck circle. Puig hasn’t hit lefties this year, but Bruce Bochy didn’t like the look of some pitches Moore had thrown in the inning, and he was pulled after 96 pitches. George Kontos entered and got Puig, a righty-destroyer, to hit an RBI grounder to short. Then he hung a 3-2 slider to Chris Taylor that was knocked into left for a game-tying double. 

“He’s been very good at times,” Bochy said of Kontos. “But the breaking ball that he’s left up, that’s the one that’s hurting him.”

Josh Osich was called upon and put a curveball on a tee. Corey Seager blasted it and that was that. The Giants sent Steven Okert down to the minors last weekend, leaving Osich as their lefty in the ‘pen. Bochy reiterated that he needs more from the young pair. Neither has taken hold of a long-term job since Will Smith went down to Tommy John surgery. 

“It’s their time,” Bochy said. “We need one of them to step up.”

Perhaps another reliever has. Kyle Crick struck out two in an impressive eighth, lowering his ERA to 1.88. It was an inning with less at stake, and that’s been the norm for Crick. He has pitched 12 times in the big leagues and 11 of the games have been losses. The lone win was a 9-2 blowout. 

The Giants have said they want to get Crick into higher-pressure spots. The inning before his on Friday night might have accelerated that plan. 

Instant Analysis: Five takeaways as Giants stumble in seventh vs Dodgers

Instant Analysis: Five takeaways as Giants stumble in seventh vs Dodgers


LOS ANGELES — The Giants have just about nothing to brag about this season, but coming into this weekend, they could at least hold onto the fact that they have played the Dodgers tougher than anyone else in the National League. Or, at least they *had.*

Matt Moore and the bullpen gave up a two-run lead in the seventh and wasted good work from the lineup in the top of the inning. The end came quickly. The Giants, who entered with a 6-4 record against the Dodgers, lost 6-4. 

They are 32 1/2 games behind the Dodgers. That is not a misprint. Anyway, here are five things to know from Chavez Ravine ... 

--- Bruce Bochy made an interesting decision in the seventh with two in scoring position and Matt Moore nearing 100 pitches. George Kontos entered to face Yasiel Puig, who has a .898 OPS against righties and .494 OPS against lefties. Did it work? Not really. Puig grounded out to short, but a run scored. Chris Taylor then doubled to tie the game. Josh Osich entered and gave up a two-run homer. 

--- Early on, it was a shortstop show. Lefty hitters Corey Seager and Brandon Crawford traded solo shots off southpaw starters. Crawford has seen a noticeable uptick at the plate since the All-Star break. 

--- Jae-Gyun Hwang celebrated his 30th birthday with an RBI single and mad dash home for a run in the three-run seventh. He saved another run with a diving play at third. 

--- Gorkys Hernandez drove an RBI double into center in the seventh to give the Giants a 4-2 lead. He is batting .326 over his past 32 games. 

--- Kyle Crick has pitched in only one game the Giants have won (yes, we realize they don't win often, but still). He blew through the Dodgers in the bottom of the eighth. It's probably about time Crick gets a shot to protect a lead.