Giants Diamond Girls: Nicole Vogelsong


Giants Diamond Girls: Nicole Vogelsong

Amy: Thank you for logging on to We have Nicole Vogelsong for a new webisode of Diamond Girls. And you are very, very popular. I read you on Twitter. You have your own fan base besides Ryan's fans and I'm so glad that you had time to do this, thank you.

Nicole: Thank you.

A: Let's just start with some baseball stuff before we get into the, the relationship stuff. This is a really, really good season for Ryan and for you too. And last season was incredible, but you guys dealt with the early onset of "Could he repeat that type of season?" And he's- clearly at this point, we're knocking on wood-

N: Knocking on wood.

A: He's had a really good year. What's that been like for you guys to kind of get the "fluke" word out of your vocabulary and out of your life.

N: It's been huge, I can honestly say. You know, I think we've always believed that he could do it. It was just a matter of doing it, and then last year he did it and he just kept doing it, and I know all off-season, you know, for the Giants to offer him a contract, that was huge. And that was like, that was when we were like, "Ok, you've done it. You know, you can do it." From the second he signed it it was "I gotta prove everyone wrong, that I was good enough to give this deal to."

A: So he knew right away that he was gonna face that.

N: He knew right away that it was gonna be "Can you do it again? You're- It's a fluke, it's never gonna happen." You know last year I think they quoted me saying like "I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop," and I can honestly say, you know, old habits die hard but that one has finally died. When he goes out there I don't worry about it anymore. I'm not worried about him giving up runs. I don't worry when guys- when bases are loaded. In fact I know that's when he's going to turn it up and do it. I worry more about the solo homer that might come off of the random guy who's not doing so well because it's his time, you know. He's due.

A: Right. Everyone has a time.

N: Everyone's due. Everyone gets their you know...minute in the sun there. And I'm just so, so proud. I, I can't- I can't be more proud.

A: Aww!

N: Everyone knows that. Everyone knows how, how great it's been.

A: Now, when I walk by the section where the wives sit and I see you, you are always into the game. Even if Ryan's not pitching, are you a baseball fan?

N: You know, growing up I used to go to games with my dad. I grew up in Pittsburgh and you know back in the day it was Barry Bonds and Jay Bell, and Bobby Bonilla was my favorite. And you know we used to go, and I- I still don't claim to know everything about baseball but back then I didn't know. But I knew that like, you know, you supported your team, and growing up in Pittsburgh we're Steelers, we're Penguins, we're Pirates. And so now I think I'm a Giant and I cheer for everyone. We're surrounded by such great people. I have the best wives around me and Ryan has the best teammates.

A: You guys have a good group.

N: Yeah, we uh- The front office is so great to us. You know, I love watching the games. I love- you know we sat in the outfield a couple of weeks ago, I love-

A: I know!

N: The Melkmen.

A: I didn't give you up.

N: We're going to do it again. We'll be out there.

A: Trying to watch like a real fan, yeah. It's hard.

N: I love the fist pump and I love the hat, and I wear my orange on Fridays, you know, like it's...It's part of being here, you know? Living it up and just appreciating that we're here. You know? We're here.

A: All right, tell us a little bit about life with Ryan. You have a son, an adorable son.

N: The Vogel-child, I call him.

A: The Vogel-child. And, uh, day to day duties. So, you know 'cause when I talk to wives of athletes, their husbands get home and the dishes still need to get done and the trash has to go out and the laundry has to get done.

N: Yeah...

A: All right, how helpful is Ryan around the house when he has time?

N: In all due respect, I let Ryan play baseball and I do everything else. I think you can go ask him that right now-

A: "With all due respect." I love that.

N: You can go ask him right now. I'm pretty sure he's gonna say the same thing.

A: What about off-season?

N: He does help. You know we take turns with Ryder every other day. You know, if we're out late we roshambo for who has to get up that morning. He's really good at it so I lose a lot.

A: That's funny:

N: But yeah, I, you know, he does take the trash out. He's not very handy hanging pictures or stuff like that. He's going to kill me. But no, you know, I know what it takes for him to get ready and for him to do his thing and to be the best he can. I don't "work," but I have that child.

A: Outside of the home.

N: I do, I do-

A: You do work.

N: I do everything I can to make life easy for him.

A: You do work. I see you. You work hard. You're a good momma.

N: I try.

A: All right now, here we go. Ryan said that neither one of you were good cooks, and I'm getting that that's not true. I think you've been working on that.

N: I, you know, God bless Pinterest because, you know, I'm not gonna lie. I probably had a good three things I make that are good. You know, there are other things I make, I'm not saying that they're good.

A: The go-tos.

N: But no, you know, I can make a mean roast and a good tuna noodle casserole and you know those are my stand-bys. Pinterest has me cooking up a storm and I made a huge dinner the other night, so for him to tell you that today, I'm a little upset.

A: Mm-hmm, he did.

N: Because he crushed dinner the other night.

A: I'm not trying to cause, you know, domestic problems, but he did say-

N: No, it's Ok. It's Ok. It'll be a long time before Momma cooks again. No, I'm kidding. I'm just kidding.

A: "Oh, yeah you don't like that?"

N: "You don't like what I cook? Ok I see how you are." No, no.

A: Ok, last one because I know you're a big fan of your husband and he's a big fan of you, but there's always something that bothers us about our spouses. Give us one that he's not going to get too mad that we know.

N: Ok. I feel like this is everyone. Every one of the girls have said the boys will leave their crap everywhere.

A: Yeah, Ali Bumgarner said that, for sure.

N: Yeah. Yeah, you know, at home we each have our own little side of the closet and we had them finished about a year ago and Ryan said to the guy, "I just want doors on my side. I don't want there to be anything open."

A: To cover up my mess.

N: Because he didn't want me to be able to yell at him for not folding or putting away his stuff.

A: Well you know, that's thoughtful because he's realizing-

N: That he needed to cover it up.

A: He's not going to be able to clean up his mess but he doesn't want you to have to see it.

N: Right. So that was very thoughtful.

A: So, but that's...points. Points for Ryan.

Giants spring training Day 42: Blach still in the fifth starter mix

Giants spring training Day 42: Blach still in the fifth starter mix

GLENDALE, Ariz. — Ty Blach is the young one in the race to be the fifth starter, but on Sunday he sounded like a veteran. Asked if he has gotten a hint one way or the other about his opening day role, Blach smiled.

“I’m just taking it day-by-day and trying to get better,” Blach said. “I’m enjoying the process and having fun.”


Those days are adding up to a nice spring for Blach, the left-hander trying to unseat Matt Cain. While Bruce Bochy didn’t shed any additional light on the current lean, team officials hinted Sunday that this is not as open-and-shut as it seems. Matt Cain, who will start Tuesday, looked like a lock to be the fifth starter a week ago, but the Giants are considering all options because they have an off day during the first week and two more shortly thereafter. 

“We’ve had discussions every day,” Bochy said. “We’ve got some tough calls.”

The Giants are expected to announce their official rotation when they return home for the Bay Bridge Series. Whether he’s starting, long-relieving, or pitching in a completely new role, Blach has certainly done all he can to make sure he’s in the big leagues on April 2. He gave up two runs over six innings Sunday, walking one and striking out one while giving up seven hits. Blach has allowed 10 runs in 20 1/3 innings this spring, but four of those came when he was ambushed coming out of the bullpen one day.

“Wherever I’ll be, I know I’ll be in a good spot,” Blach said. “I’m just looking forward to getting the season rolling.

After pitching out of the bullpen most of the spring, Blach got his pitch count up to 85 on Sunday. 

“We’ve gotten him stretched out,” Bochy said. “That’s a solid, solid job. We’ve got guys stretched out where you want them. We’ve got some flexibility. We’ll see as we get close here which way we’ll go.”

POSITION BATTLES: The Giants will carry a backup for Denard Span, and for about a month it looked like Gorkys Hernandez would be that guy. But Hernandez has slumped so badly this spring that he went over the minor league facility Sunday to get a ton of extra at-bats, and Justin Ruggiano has emerged, reaching base in nine of his last 16 plate appearances. The plan a few days back was for Ruggiano to go to Sacramento and get 50 or so at-bats to see where he’s at, but this is another race that could change in the coming week. 

Cory Gearrin has done his part to hold off any charging relievers, throwing two sharp innings while going back-to-back for the first time this spring. 

FAMILIAR FACES: A rough day for a couple of longtime Giants. Ehire Adrianza and Gregor Blanco both have oblique injuries, hurting their odds of breaking with the Twins and Diamondbacks, respectively. Elsewhere, David Hernandez showed that he made a smart decision asking for his release. He was signed by the Braves. 

AROUND CAMP: Hunter Pence really does do all he can to make every single teammate feel welcome in the clubhouse. He spent some time with young right-hander Roberto Gomez on Sunday morning, learning a few Spanish phrases. When the players went out to warm up, Pence threw with Jae-Gyun Hwang. These are small gestures, but for the new guys, they matter. 

BARRY’S BACK: We all knew Barry Bonds would step into the cage at some point, and on a quiet Sunday morning, there he was. Bonds, 52, took about five or six easy hacks before crushing one out to deep right. He’s still got it. The other day, reporters asked Bonds if he could suit up in the WBC if asked. He said he can absolutely still hit, but he would need to DH and he would need a day or two off before games. Being a big league hitter is not easy, even if he always made it look that way.


Bonds dusts off swing, cracks home run during BP in Giants' camp

Bonds dusts off swing, cracks home run during BP in Giants' camp

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- The Giants knew Barry Bonds would step back into the box at some point. It happened Sunday, with Bonds taking a few cracks at BP pitches from Gary Davenport.

Bonds warmed up with a couple of lighter swings and then blasted a homer to deep right. That was enough, as the 52-year-old walked away with a big smile on his face. 

Bonds is in camp as a special instructor, and he still picks his spots to show off his legendary swing. When he was the Marlins' hitting coach last season, he beat slugger Giancarlo Stanton in an impromptu home run derby.