Giants fans head to Arizona

September 23, 2011, 6:57 pm
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OAKLAND -- I just boarded a Friday flight from Oakland to Phoenix, and while walking through the terminal my only goal was to discern how many Giants fans were gonig to be making the trip with me.

Turns out there were far more than I expected. It would be a stretch to say Black & Orange was everywhere, but the defending champs certainly were well-represented.

I spoke with a married couple from Danville -- they had planned on coming to this series since July -- and while many of their friends encouraged them to cancel the trip and save the money (obviously, because their friends think the Giants are out of it) they clearly have more than a little die-hard in their blood.

"Some people think we're going to watch a funeral," said Tammy Wilson, decked out in a Pablo Sandoval T-shirt jersey. "But we see this as a celebration of the season, no matter what happens."

Tammy's husband, Franklin, quickly added, "If we'd have bailed at this point then we couldn't consider ourselves fans."

The Wilsons were among, by a highly unscientific calculation, between 10-to-15 fans on the midday flight. And while we didn't get a chance to speak to anyone other than the East Bay couple, the width of the smiles on every face -- framed by a Giants cap or shirt -- suggested everybody's still enjoying the ride.

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