Giants' loss a crusher, but not how you think

September 21, 2011, 6:26 am
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Crushing loss? Not really. Hey, Clayton Kershaw was on the bump. You didn't really think the Giants had a prayer against him, did you? He's the Dodgers' magnifying glass to the Giants' pill bug, and the sun is forever blazing. Smell that fresh insect smoke.
That the Pirates beat the Diamondbacks makes Tuesday's loss in L.A. sting a little more, sure, but the division title remains in sight. Beat the Dodgers twice, get another win from the Pirates in Arizona, and the National League West deficit is four games heading into the three-game series in Phoenix that starts Friday.Sweep that bad boy and you're one back with three to play. Take your chances.

Is it likely? Sure. And you're likely to trip over a fat black garbage bag of unmarked 100 bills with nobody in sight. It's not impossible, though. The NL wild card bid? Knock it off. The Giants are actually closer in that race than they are in the division duel, but the NL West title is a slightly more realistic endeavor; two teams are up on the champs in the wild card race, and the champs don't play them at all. Those three games against the Snakes are precious.So Tuesday's loss wasn't an out-and-out killer. A wasted opportunity given Arizona's loss, for sure. Another wasted gem by Tim Lincecum, no question. A pair of eye-gouging at-bats by Pablo Sandoval and Carlos Beltran in the eighth, absolutely.(Carlos, buddy, please swing the bat next time. At least once. You make a fine trophy, but we like you as a hitter better.)The loss, however, did come with a side order of angst. At the risk of romanticizing the past, it was the type of game in which, circa 2010, you just knew someone was going to come up big late in the evening.What's worse is that it probably would have been Juan Uribe. Who now, of course, is a Dodger. And a pretty crappy one, at that.That's what it's come to. We're pining for a crappy Dodger. And loss be damned, that's about as crushing as it gets.