Giants vs. Reds stat pack


Giants vs. Reds stat pack

The Giants have thrown 3 straight shutouts. The last team to throw 4 straight was the 1995 Baltimore Orioles who threw 5 straight the last 5 games of the season. The last N.L team to throw 4 straight was the 1985 Montreal Expos. The Giants have never thrown 4 straight shutouts in their 130 years of existence.

Longest Scoreless Inning Streaks in SF History
May 10-14, 1960 35
May 16-18, 1964 31
Sept 4 -7, 2010 31
July 5-9, 1988 30
August 18-21, 2002 28
August 31-Sept 2, 1967 27
April 2-5, 2002 27
June 25-27, 2012 27
Active Streak

Earlier this season in Cincinnati, the Reds took 2 of 3 from the Giants.
GiantsReds First Series

SF CIN Wins 1 2 Runs 10 18 AVG 0.265 .310 RISP 4-22 6-26 HR 3 5 ERA 5.4 2.67 Giants Offense vs Reds at AT&T Park last 2 Seasons

2010 2011 Games 3 4 Rec 2-1 2-2 Avg .398 .232 Runs 38 9 HR 7 1
The Giants have the 3rd best record at home in the N.L. at 24-14
Giants at AT&T Park this season

1st 18 Games Last 20 Games Record 9-9 15-5 AVG .256 .263 RGM 2.9 3.9 HR 6 7 ERA 2.37 2.45 All in last 6 Home Games
Madison Bumgarner by Month

April May June Starts 5 5 5 Rec 4-1 1-3 4-0 ERA 2.53 3.71 3.03 K's 17 30 37 Madison BumgarnerCareer vs Reds
3 Starts
0-2 Record
8.56 ERA
.361 Opp Avg
3 Home Runs
Highest ERA vs any N.L. Team

Pablo Sandoval and David Wright are down to the wire for the starting 3B position on the N.L. All-Star Team:

Sandoval Wright Games 41 72 AVG .306 .357 HR 5 8 RBI 23 47 OB .360 .449 Slug 0.459 0.559
Melky Cabrera has 34 multi-hit games just 76 games into the season. Last year, Pablo Sandoval led the Giants for the entire season with 34 multi-hit games.
Multi-Hit Games Leaders

Adrian Gonzalez 66
Melky Cabrera 34 Melky Cabrera 61
Ian Kinsler 32 Miguel Cabrera 61
Miguel Cabrera 30 Michael Young 61
Jose Altuve 30

Adrian Beltre 30
Johnny Cueto has won his last 4 starts with a 1.47 ERA and is having an All-Star season:
N.L. ERA Leaders
Brandon Beachy ATL 2 Ryan Dempster CHC 2.11 Wade Miley AZ 2.19 Johnny Cueto CIN 2.21 Ryan Vogelsong SF 2.23 Matt Cain SF 2.27 R.A. Dickey NYM 2.31
Johnny CuetoCareer vs Giants
3 Starts
2-0 Record
1.64 ERA
.221 Opp Avg
1 Shutout
Lowest ERA vs any N.L. Team

Johnny Cueto has been terrific in controlling the running game. He has not allowed a stolen base in his last 205.1 innings. The longest active streak in the N.L.
Joey Vottoby Month

April May June Games 22 28 24 AVG 0.289 0.355 .407 HR 2 6 6 RBI 15 14 18 Slug 0.5 0.677 0.733

Leads N.L. Joey VottoThis Season
N.L. Rank
.353 Avg 3rd
.478 OB 1st
.643 Slug 1st
4.2 WAR 1st

Jay Bruce has become a major power hitterby Season

2010 2011 2012 HR 25 32 17 ABHR 20.4 18.3 15.1 Slug 0.493 0.474 0.521

3rd in N.L.
Aroldis Chapman has proven himself human after an out-of-this world start

1st 24 Games Last 8 Games SavesOpps 67 36 Innings 29.0 7.1 Hits 7 9 Runs 1 8 Strikeouts 52 12 Home Runs 0 3 Unearned

Down on the Farm: Meet the Giants' 'Homeless Minor Leaguer'

San Jose Giants/Tim Cattera

Down on the Farm: Meet the Giants' 'Homeless Minor Leaguer'

Matt Paré sat in a Boston coffee shop sipping his drink in January of 2015 while columnist Steve Buckley typed away at his next story for the Boston Herald. A simple thought popped into Paré’s head as he looked to occupy himself — Well, now what do I do? 

You know the saying. Monkey see, monkey do. I’m not taking it to the Michael Scott level, but Paré went along with the saying. He started writing too. Next question — Where do I put my words? 

Paré started a blog, and with the help of Buckley, there was no need for a third question to make up a name for his site. 

Homeless Minor Leaguer. 

“He (Buckley) had covered minor league baseball for three years I think way back in the day, and he joked, ‘Oh you’re just a homeless minor leaguer’ and that kind of stuck,” Paré explains as he winds down his fifth minor league season in the Giants’ farm system. 

Buckley’s joke started when after Paré graduated from Boston College in 2013 and signed with the Giants as an undrafted free agent. In the offseason, Paré would go back to Boston and couch surf at different friends’ places, including Buckley’s. The two met during Paré’s time at Boston College. Buckley hosts a charity Old Time Baseball Game in Cambridge and the two bonded the summer after Paré’s sophomore season when he couldn’t play in the game due to knee surgery. Still, he wanted to be a part of the event and wound up there from 9 a.m. until midnight to do all he could. 

The first entry Paré ever wrote for Homeless Minor Leaguer begins like this

I hate the name of this blog…

Because it holds too much truth.

Who would want to be “homeless” and be a minor leaguer for most of his emerging adulthood? Until a month ago, I drove a 12-year-old car with the “check engine” light on as a permanent interior feature. I questioned my frugality and common sense when I recently took out a car loan to buy a new car.  To give you some perspective, I make below the poverty line and sometimes think about filling out an application for food stamps.

Since September alone, I have slept at over 20 different locations with the sleeping arrangements including, but not limited to futons, pull-out couches, standard couches, air mattresses, a bean bag, and a surprisingly comfortable shaggy rug. Sometimes, I had the luxury of sleeping in an actual bed.

But then, Paré wants to make it clear how grateful he is to play baseball for a living. He was drafted in the 26th round by the Astros out of high school before turning that down to attend Boston College. His four years didn’t go as planned on the field, but the Giants gave him his second chance. Behind the plate, the 26-year-old will fight to continue his baseball dream with the San Jose Giants. Off it, he has other dreams too. 

Granted, no one is holding a gun to my head forcing me into this adverse lifestyle, but I have higher aspirations and goals than this for my remaining youth, whether it’s as an everyday catcher in the MLB or a successful entrepreneur. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing baseball for a living, and I’m very privileged to have the opportunity and thankful for the lessons and experiences that the game gives me.

After eight months of writing about topics ranging from dating to video games to acceptance, Paré turned from blogging to vlogging. 

“I have no background whatsoever in it,” Paré said, who earned his degree in Human Development and Organizational Studies. “It’s all self taught and doing my own research and reading and ironically watching YouTube videos on it.” 

Paré put all his skills and creativity to the test in late August of last year with the release of his first comedy sketch. With the help of some teammates, he launched "Bad Bods," a Taylor Swift parody making fun of how minor league players eat on the road. 

For the last year, Homeless Minor Leaguer has truly evolved. Paré now has another team off the field that includes Ty Kelly of the Phillies, who writes scripts with him and acted with him in Paré's favorite Homeless Minor Leaguer video to date, along with two producers, an animator, and a music composer. Plus, independent film workers help Paré's team whenever they are needed.  

"I’ve been able to work with such amazing people and going forward we have such amazing things planned," Paré said of his off the field team.

On the acting side, Paré joined another Giant on YouTube last year as Hunter Pence and his wife Lexi made a video titled, "We Adopt a Minor Leaguer!"

This season, Paré was able to know Pence even better as a teammate when the right fielder rehabbed in San Jose.

"He doesn't act like he's bigger than anyone else," Paré said on Pence. "He's such a presence in a clubhouse.

"Off the field, same guy. He's amazing. It was awesome working with Hunter and Lexi. She's helped me out with YouTube stuff in the past. A good resource that I still keep in contact with."

During the season, keeping up with the grind and growing another passion off the field can be hard. Paré toyed with doing a Day in the Life vlog during the season, but that proved to be too much. Instead in his downtime, he's been writing scripts for videos that will be shot in the offseason. 

No videos have been posted to the Homeless Minor Leaguer YouTube page since June 3. That's about to be much different. 

"We’re going to start putting out a video a week starting November 1," Paré revealed. "Basically we’re gonna be doing a bunch of bulk shooting this offseason so I don’t have to worry about anything this season because it’s hard. It really is."

Of the upcoming videos that Paré could give a sneak peak of, kicking off the once a week video campaign is a Superhero spinoff that stars Ty Simpkins, who has played large roles in Jurassic World, Insidious and Iron Man 3. Another video Paré is really excited to put out is for all the Harry Potter fans. The premise brings light to the second-most popular sports at Hogwarts besides quidditch. No spoilers. 

What started as a simple writing platform in the offseason is now becoming much more than just an offseason hobby. And, ironically, another home. Paré and his partner Kelly are moving to Los Angeles in the offseason. There Paré will take acting lessons and as a writing duo, their ideas have already reached eyes beyond YouTube. 

"We actually just sold our first script to a prodcuction company," Paré said. "We sold it and not only did we sell it but they are making it one of the final 20 episodes for their upcoming season.

"I can't say what it's for yet, but it's for an online streaming platform." 

For now, everyone that works on Homeless Minor Leaguer is doing so pro bono. That is sure to change soon as the project rapidly grows. 

"It’s just amazing how passionate everyone is working on Homeless Minor Leaguer and I’m so thankful I have a core group of people," he says.

When asked what Homeless Minor Leaguer means to him, Paré looks at the bigger picture. He is not alone in this journey and he wouldn't change a thing. 

"Homeless Minor Leaguer represents a lot of guys," Paré said. "I'm not the only Homeless Minor Leaguer. But in order to pursue your goals of playing in the big leagues, every guy has to go through the minor leagues and I'm sure if you ask those guys about their experiences in minor league baseball, they wouldn't trade them for anything." 

In the squat or at the writers table, Paré leads. He's exactly the type of multidimensional person baseball needs. Or soon, Hollywood. 

Giants lineup: Hernandez takes over at top of the order


Giants lineup: Hernandez takes over at top of the order

Despite the Brewers starting a right-handed pitcher, Bruce Bochy is going with Gorkys Hernandez to set the table for the Giants Wednesday.

Milwaukee Brewers (66-61)

1. Jonathan Villar (S) 2B
2. Domingo Santana (R) RF
3. Ryan Braun (R) LF
4. Travis Shaw (L) 3B
5. Jesus Aguilar (R) 1B
6. Manny Pina (R) C
7. Keon Broxton (R) CF
8. Orlando Arcia (R) SS
9. Matt Garza (R) P

San Francisco Giants (51-77)

1. Gorkys Hernandez (R) CF
2. Kelby Tomlinson (R) 2B
3. Jarrett Parker (L) LF
4. Buster Posey (R) C
5. Brandon Crawford (L) SS
6. Pablo Sandoval (S) 3B
7. Carlos Moncrief (L) RF
8. Ryder Jones (L) 1B
9. Matt Moore (L) P