Las Vegas casts Giants as World Series underdog

October 23, 2012, 11:24 pm
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It shouldn't be a huge surprise, but Las Vegas is favoring the Tigers over the Giants in the 2012 World Series.

According to, the Tigers are significant favorites too, checking in at -175 to win the series. (If you bet 100, you would get something like 60 in winnings if the Tigers prevailed.) Meanwhile, the Giants are 155 to win the series (meaning bet 100 and get 153 in winnings).

The Tigers are favored by 1.5 on the runline in Game 1.

This shouldn't be too stunning though -- the Tigers a) are a more "popular" team, b) swept the Yankees to get here instead of storming back from down 3-1, and c) could potentially start Justin Verlander three times in a single series.

Having Verlander alone makes them the most terrifying team in this matchup. In fact, when you look at the MVP odds, Verlander is one of the top favorites. Bovada has Verlander at 81 to win the World Series MVP, which is actually a pretty decent price. has the Tigers ace slotted at 21 (!) to take that hardware, which makes him the favorite there.