Pence offers unique reward for return of stolen scooter

Pence offers unique reward for return of stolen scooter
May 26, 2014, 11:15 am
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I felt it was an extension of me.
Hunter Pence on his scooter that was stolen

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SAN FRANCISCO – Hunter Pence hasn’t filed a police report, but he’s offering a no-questions-asked reward for the safe return of his motorized scooter after it was stolen Sunday night.

He’s offering a signed bobblehead – which shows him riding the conveyance.

“I try not to be too attached to things, even though I have a bobblehead with it,” Pence said Monday. “I felt it was an extension of me.”

Pence was at Epic Roasthouse near the base of the Bay Bridge on the Embarcadero Sunday night and parked his scooter in a corner near a staff entrance in back. He doesn’t lock it up because the battery charger is rare, and it wouldn’t do anyone any good to take it.

“It won’t last very long,” Pence said. “I try to trust people. Apparently somebody needed it more than I do.”

Pence posted his misfortune on Twitter and said he was flooded with comments that put a smile back on his face. And he said he doesn’t think any less of San Francisco.

“No, I’m not mad at the city,” he said. “The support and comments on Twitter were more uplifting than anything. It made the gut shot better. It made it fun. … I found a way to get some joy out of it.”

Pence received the scooter three weeks after he was traded to the Giants in July of 2012. Joe Day, the clubhouse chef, makes and customizes them as a side business and several players who live near the ballpark have one. Our Casey Pratt gave us the full story on that last year.

“It was one of my favorite things that I have,” he said. “I’m grateful for stuff, but aside from my baseball equipment and my scooter, and maybe my laptop, there are not many (possessions) that I care about.”

Said Giants manager Bruce Bochy of his perpetually upbeat right fielder: “He had a sad face on this morning. I’ve never seen that.”

How did Pence get to the ballpark on Monday? Backup scooter, of course. But that one has a bad battery. So he had to do some actual scooting and push off with one leg.

“Yeah, I can’t fathom driving for some reason,” he said. “I really enjoy my ride down the Embarcadero.” 

Putting out an unofficial APB: Pence’s scooter has stickers with the Air Jordan logo, another that says “swag” and his name and number.

“If someone drives by it, they’d recognize it,” he said.

Easily recognizable objects often seem to find their way home eventually. Or maybe BatKid can come to the rescue and track it down. If not, Pence plans to order a new scooter. In the meantime, he can identify with Pee-Wee Herman. His scooter probably isn’t in the basement of the Alamo, either.

“I did have a dream that I saw someone riding it and I tackled him,” Pence said, with a laugh. “You can’t control your dreams.”

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