Report: Angel Pagan taking the 2017 season off

Report: Angel Pagan taking the 2017 season off

KANSAS CITY — The Giants were never planning a reunion with Angel Pagan. It turns out they won’t be facing him this season, either. 

According to a report from the Puerto Rican website El Vocero, Pagan will take the year off to spend time with his family. The 35-year-old has two daughters who grew up in part during his five years in San Francisco and a third born during the 2015 offseason.

Per El Vocero, Pagan said the decision was made as a family. “I’ve been away from my house for a long time,” he said, adding that he wants to take advantage of time that can’t be recovered. Pagan said he is not necessarily retiring. 

The outfielder played five seasons for the Giants, hitting .281 with 31 homers and 81 stolen bases in 583 games. He often dealt with injuries, but put a long season together in 2016, batting .277 with 12 homers in 543 plate appearances. His run ended with an injury in the NLDS.

The Giants and Pagan were not always on the same page, and the team quickly moved on in the offseason, committing to a Jarrett Parker-Mac Williamson plan that has been decimated by injuries and ineffectiveness. 

Pagan played for Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic and looked healthy and like his old self. He reportedly had interest from several teams — including the Braves, Orioles and Blue Jays — but he was seeking a guaranteed major league deal with a set salary in mind. Ultimately, Pagan chose a year at home over a flyer with an MLB team. 

Last week, Windy Pagan posted a photo on Instagram of the couple posing with their oldest daughter at a resort. “In love with our first daughter!” she wrote. “She is almost my (height).”

More toaster magic? Bochy, Crawford sign appliance before Giants game

More toaster magic? Bochy, Crawford sign appliance before Giants game

When you have the second worst record in the National League, you'll try anything, right?

It appears the Giants are looking for some of the same magic Klay Thompson and the Warriors received during their run to the 2017 NBA title.

Prior to Sunday's game against the Mets, Giants manager Bruce Bochy and shortstop Brandon Crawford signed a fan's toaster.

The legend of the toaster is well-documented for the Warriors now.

In March, Warriors fan Ronnie Reyes had Thompson autograph a toaster at a signing event. Thompson looked a little puzzled after he autographed the appliance. But from that moment, the Warriors went 31-2 en route to the NBA championship. The only losses came on April 10 when Thompson did not play against the Jazz and Game 4 of the NBA Finals against the Cavs. They were 30-0 with Thompson in the lineup until losing to Cleveland.

So mark June 25 down on the calendar. If they Giants turn things around, you may have to credit this autographed toaster.

Ageless wonder: Ichiro surpasses record held by Rickey Henderson

Ageless wonder: Ichiro surpasses record held by Rickey Henderson

MIAMI — Ichiro Suzuki has become the oldest player to start a game in center field since at least 1900.

The 43-year-old Suzuki was in the lineup batting leadoff Sunday for the Miami Marlins against the Chicago Cubs. Suzuki surpassed the record held by Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson, who was a month younger when he started in center in 2002 for the Boston Red Sox.

Suzuki, a member of the 3,000-hit club, reached on an error and scored in the first inning. He has played in 63 games this season, mostly as a pinch hitter, and began the day batting .209.